Surface Paradise
  |  First Published: May 2009

Shepparton has seen some great weather warm days and cool nights recently but still no major frost, which means crayfish in the region have been slow and patchy.

Some reports from anglers heading out for a crayfish in the Murchison area haven’t been great either. My efforts in the Goulburn in Shepparton have resulted in only a hand-full of small crayfish. Once June rolls around we will have had those good hard frosts and the crayfish will be on the move.

Four monster cod being have been caught in recent weeks, with Dave Landmeter landing a 101cm beauty. While I have seen the results of these captures, the anglers have kept very tight lipped on where and how they landed the monsters. The information I did pry from the boys was that they were casting towards the biggest snags they could find, and then using a very slow retrieve using spinnerbaits and hardbodies.

In June I predict the big cod will be making more appearances on anglers lines, so make sure you prepare yourself for a big one. Cheap lines and badly tied knots will almost certainly cost you the fish of a lifetime. Please take some time to get your knots right as it’s one of the most important aspects to landing the monster cod.

Surface Lures

Probably the most exciting way to catch fish these days is on the surface, especially early of a morning or at the end of the day. You can’t beat the rush fishing almost pitch black and watching your surface lure being smashed by a cod.

Justin from Trelly’s is very experienced in surface luring for cod and he has plenty of success on the top recently, landing cod from 40-70cm and also losing some bigger ones. There are many great brands of surface lures around with the lure companies all making great surface lures. I personally love using the Bassman buzz baits. Glen Casey makes a great buzz bait and it’s my favourite surface lure to use in this area. But try different lures until you find your favourite brand colour and size surface lure.

River Rats Fishing Club

The local fishing club is the River Rats Fishing Club Inc and they hold an annual fishing classic. They are currently seeking ideas for the 5th annual fishing classic to be held in 2010 and ideas and feedback can be emailed to me at --e-mail address hidden-- .

The club is looking for anglers to join; it’s a great social club that holds many different fishing events for club members. If you would like any more information or club registration forms, they can be picked up from STY Fencing in Shepparton.

I wish you all the best fishing over the next month and make sure everyone has a safe long weekend at the start of the month.

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