Last Trout on Offer
  |  First Published: April 2009

When you get to May you know that the year is nearly half gone and the trout fishing for this season is just about over.

The fishing has been a bit inconsistent over April with the very changeable weather we have had. Some fish have come back onto the bite such as trout and redfin, while others like Macquarie perch and cod have gone a bit quiet.

Easter provided some great fishing opportunities with sunny days and cooler, but not real cold nights. The water running through Warrandyte was clear and moving at a steady pace. I tried my luck under the bridge and around the tunnel exit off Pound Road. I sighted good sized trout moving around but was only able to tempt one to the hook. This was a female trout of about 3lb, taken on a Stoop 50mm Colour PMH (fire tiger colour). I released her back into the water for the coming breeding season.

Should you land a female at this time of year that is full of roe (eggs) ensure that you release the fish back into the water so our waterways can continue to provide us all with many hours of enjoyment into next season and beyond. She may reabsorb the roe, but she may not too. At the very least she will still be in the system. Remember the trout season closes for river in June so make the most of the last of these few weeks.

Although the trout have been slow over the warmer months, the heavy rains early in April decreased the water temperature and increased the flow and food in the water making for more ideal conditions for trout. The trout should increase their feeding and activity throughout May in preparation for spawning later in June through to July. I would recommend the bait angler use small scrubworms and mudeyes. For the lure angler Vibrax and small Stoop lures in bright spawning colours are the go and for the fly angler use wet flies such as beadhead flashback nymphs in black and olive.

Cod fishing over the past couple of months has been very good. Even over the Easter period reports have been coming through regularly of fish being taken. The best spots continue to be around Warrandyte through to Templestowe. Scrubworms on a No. 2 baitholder hook or bardi grubs (frozen ones available in store) on a size 3/0 baitholder are your best baits. Easter was probably the last of the good catches of cod for this season. Warrandyte/Templestowe will slow right down for both Macquarie perch and cod over May. It will now be a waiting period until October/November when they will return from ‘hibernation’ after the water temperature rises again, but remember the closed seasons.

Catches of eels can still be found around the bridge at Warrandyte. Later in the day around dusk will prove to be more successful using a large scrubworm. Eels are actually quite nice to eat if you don’t mind the slime and the cleaning job, but for anglers there are plenty of them and they are keen on eating scrubworms.

Trout, carp and redfin have been taken out of Rowville and Lilydale lakes. The trout have been taken mainly on small scrubworms, maggots, corn and Powerbait. Loose feeding or berleying any of these baits will also improve the chances of more fish. Baits fished on the bottom with in-line feeders have produced some larger carp, trout and redfin when fished close to the reed beds.

For up to date fishing information in both fresh and salt water, contact the team at Compleat Angler in Ringwood on 03 9870 7792. Better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Hwy – we’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality bait and a great selection of freshwater and saltwater gear.

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