Nitro deal
  |  First Published: October 2004

WITH THE expansion of the new range of Nitro fishing rods comes an opportunity for anglers to experience the quality of a Nitro rod and the effectiveness of Mojo soft plastics.

Anglers who purchase a Nitro rod from an authorised dealer will walk away with a rod of excellent quality and receive a complementary kit of Mojo soft plastics that will be mailed to them direct from the suppliers in Melbourne. Please allow around two weeks for delivery from the time the supplier receives your order from the Nitro rods dealer.

The kits come in two assortments and are valued at around $58 each. They will include the following:


Mojo 11/2” Single-tail grubs (1 packet)

Mojo 21/2” Single-tail grubs (2 packets)

Mojo Reefers (2 packets)


Mojo 6.5” Twitchin Minnow (1 packet)

Mojo 4.5” Twitchin Minnow (2 packets)

Mojo 4.5” Mullet (1 packet)

Available in a variety of fish-catching colours and made in the USA, Mojo plastics are available in a range of colours and styles guaranteed to satisfy any keen bream or bass angler. Complementing their soft plastic range, Mojo has an excellent range of weight systems perfectly suited to their plastics. From drop-shotting to Texas-style rigging, there’s a Mojo weight system to help you make the most of your plastic fishing.

For the location of your nearest Nitro dealer contact Mayfly Tackle on (03) 9621 2044 or visit www.innovatorrods.com. - ABT

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