Fishing improves as water covers new ground
  |  First Published: September 2005

The small amount of rain received throughout last month has seen water cover new ground in a few of the Central Highland lakes, which in turn has produced some good fishing.

Hepburn Lagoon

Once again this lake is standing head and shoulders above the rest of the lakes in the district and continues to fish well to all methods. Bait fishers are taking the odd brown trout to 3.5lb on earthworms, maggots and PowerBait in the early morning along the northern shoreline.

Just recently, flyfisher Graham Kennedy and his friend Brian fished the lake at the dairy farm end at first light and, after a period of searching the water with wet flies, Brian landed a small rainbow on a Tom Jones. The lads mentioned that quite a few trout were seen smelting but, after trying for a number of hours, both ended the day without another fish.

Gary Alterton fished the lake on a windswept cloudy day with periods of driving rain and managed to pick up a nice trout on a dark coloured Tom Jones with another Tommy as the point fly about 3ft away. He said that the best area was around the drop-off on the western side and that the smelt examined from the stomach contents were small and very silver in colour.

Peter Emilan and friend Adam fished Hepburn and Adam caught 3 rainbows that tipped the scales at 2.5lb. The boys said there were dozens of trout moving everywhere at Hepburn, with one monster of around 10 or more pounds porpoising out wide.

Newlyn Reservoir

With Newlyn fishing relatively slowly over the last month, reports indicate that the fishing is improving with a few captures and some midge activity. Bait anglers have taken the odd small trout on earthworms, scrubbies and whitebait. The best area has been along the northern shoreline near the pine trees.

Peter Emilan and Adam fished this lake recently too in good weather. From the word go the boys sighted trout rising to midges. They both managed to catch a few trout up to 37cm on size 18 Red Bloodworm midge patterns under an indicator. Both said that they had a great day and will be definitely be back again.

Malmsbury Reservoir

This lake near Kyneton is producing some good fishing at the moment as water is covering new ground. Some big redfin have been taken early in the morning on scrubworms. Small numbers of trout have been sighted chasing smelt along the shoreline and more fish are doing the same out wide. Smelt flies in the dark colour have been working well for flyfishers with silver wobblers the best for lure casters.

Flyfisher Mick Kaksa reports that a few trout were seen smelting a fair distance from the shoreline and even though the fishing was tough, he managed to land a nice trout of 3lb.

Wombat Reservoir

This lake near the township of Daylesford has been producing a few nice trout to a pound in weight with the bait anglers having most success on earthworms fished under a float along the dam wall. A pair of flyfishing mates report that they’ve sighted many trout rising to unseen insects out of casting range. They ended the day with only one take that was missed on the strike. For more detailed information on fishing this lake, read the feature story in the August issue of VFM.

Bostock Reservoir

Fishing earthworms and scrubbies in the late afternoon until dark is producing the odd trout up to 2lb. Small Tasmanian Devils are also taking trout only a short distance from the shore.

Dean Reservoir

Bait anglers are taking the odd small trout and redfin on earthworms and scrubbies under floats. The most productive area has been the back end of the lake, close to the shore.

Lauriston Reservoir

PowerBait seems to be the real trout taker when fished on the bottom with a running sinker rig. This method has accounted for brown trout up to 2lb around the dam wall.

John Dawson reports that on his recent visit to the lake, when weather conditions were fine and calm, trout were rising everywhere at the back end of the lake. However, after fishing for an hour or so, John didn’t get a touch, despite trying every midge pattern in his box, some as small as size 20.

Lake Beaufort

Reports show that a few trout to a pound in weight have been taken by bait and fly anglers fishing the caravan park side of the lake. Bait anglers are having their success on earthworms, scrubbies and PowerBait fished on the bottom. While flyfishers are doing well on stick caddis patterns worked back slowly along the weed beds. The coming mayfly season looks like it will be a good one, with a fishing friend telling me that good numbers of nymphs have been seen under the rocks and wooden debris.

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