Lake Level Sparks Lower Gibbo
  |  First Published: May 2005

Fishing in the high country continues to be good. We have now entered autumn and the days are a little shorter and cooler with the occasional frost in the high country. We have received very little rain over the past month but our streams are still running well and are in great condition. Grasshoppers continue to make their presence felt and caddis are present over many of our streams of an evening.

The Gibbo River is fishing well downstream of the Morass Creek with excellent numbers of rainbow trout present and willing to take a dry fly, spinner or bait. The Gibbo is a lovely medium sized stream that empties into Lake Dartmouth. When Dartmouth is full, it covers many kilometres of the river. However with the lake at low levels, the Gibbo River is totally exposed and offers some great fishing in its lower stretches. Upstream of the Gibbo River and Morass Creek junction, the fishing has not been so good. There are some larger fish but overall numbers are down. They are mostly rainbow trout but there are also a few brown trout.

The Big River (upper Mitta Mitta River) has fished well all season and continues to do so. Fish of over 1kg are regularly caught along with smaller trout. The Cobungra River is also fishing well to grasshoppers especially around Innisfail. The small but beautiful Bundarra River is fishing well particularly a couple of kilometres upstream of its junction with the Big River. All three of these rivers are close to each other and are worth fishing. A lurking trout will usually take a grasshopper floated down a run. It is a good idea to fish your hoppers or flies close to the grassy banks.

The Delegate River is one of our blue ribbon waters and normally fishes well at this time of the year. This season, however, the Delegate River has not lived up to its reputation. Trout are being caught but it is hard work and they are smaller than usual. We'll keep our fingers crosses that the fishing improves in the next couple of months.

The Indi River (upper Murray River) has been fishing well to mostly small and medium sized brown trout. Again, grasshoppers have been the most successfully bait. It looks like being a very good late autumn in east Gippsland.

The Big River (upper Mitta Mitta River) continues to fish well for brown trout to 1kg, particularly on hopper patterns.

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