Stable, predictable fishing
  |  First Published: March 2005

Traditionally March brings stable weather patterns and consistent fishing to the Central Tablelands.

You can just about count on fish, be they trout or natives, being in regular places at regular times. It may be the brown trout of Oberon Dam cruising the outside edges of ribbon-weed beds in the wee hours of the morning, or golden perch in Lake Windamere chasing firetail gudgeon between drowned treetops in the late afternoon. If you caught them there last week, chances are that’s were they will be for a few more weeks, at least.

Stable weather patterns also bring about great polaroiding conditions for those anglers who enjoy the active pursuit of spotting fish.

Thompsons Creek Dam is a great spot for polaroiding trout. Early mornings walking the banks with a fly rod or light spin rod can be quite productive in March.

Visibility into the water is very good; just remember this also works in the fishes’ favour. So keep well back from the water’s edge and keep slightly elevated with the sun on your back.

Cast well ahead of the fish if you can and wait for it to intercept your offering. Keep movements to a minimum and do not overwork your fly as this can spook fish.


Bass have been caught in Lake Lyell over the Summer for a number of years now, mainly by anglers targeting trout. Most of the fish have been fairly small but just recently bass to 40cm have been picked up.

These fish are as fat as mud and pull like the preverbal. I managed to tag my first one not so long ago casting the inside edge of a fairly prominent weed bed with a TN60 Jackall (lure flavour of the year).

As March stretches into April I suspect a lot of these fish will move from the weed beds up the top end of the dam down into the main basin. Look for them on your sounder out in open water, where trolling deep divers and bouncing ice jigs will be good options.

I cannot believe what I have just written! After years of chasing trout in Lyell, it just doesn’t sound right. Congratulations must go to Fisheries for their foresight. I was a doubter but the results speak for themselves. What’s needed now is consistent stockings year in and year out. Go, you good thing!

Stay tuned to Australia’s No 1 fishing and boating radio program Hi-Tide on 2KY for up-to-date Central Tablelands info, usually between 5am and 5.30 on Saturdays


At 35cm it’s not a big bass but it was the author’s first from Lake Lyell so he was pumped, to say the least. It swam away fit and healthy.


March brings consistency. Just ask Murray Stewart, who knows where to find Windamere goldens between the trees.


Chris Hickson usually gives his Old Man, Alex, a bit of a touch-up these days in the fishing department, although Alex will tell you a different story.

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