Trout Remain Consistent
  |  First Published: April 2006

Fishing in Central Gippsland has been consistent over the past month and it should continue that way in April.

The water level in some rivers is starting to drop, but our Strezlecki streams have been fishing very well for dry fly anglers. Hopper patterns, in a variety of sizes, have been working especially well; the trout haven’t been too picky.

Traralgon Creek

Some 30cm+ redfin have been caught up relatively high around the Koornalla region. Worms have been best.

Macalister River

Water levels in the Macalister have dropped considerably and the fishing has slowed. Not surprisingly, the faster flowing sections are holding most of the rainbows and browns.

Cast small Celtas, shallow running Rapalas or streamer pattern flies, such as Mrs Simpsons, Tom Jones’ and Woolly Buggers, straight upstream or across in any of these faster flowing sections.

Lake Glenmaggie

A few people have been enquiring about reports of blue green algae in Glenmaggie and Blue Rock. Signs have been put up prohibiting swimming but a few have taken a dip anyway. DPI has warned that it’s a toxic form of blue-green algae and that people with sensitive skin may get a rash if they come into contact with affected water.

Algae is certainly no reason to stop fishing. DPI has confirmed that Glenmaggie’s fish are still edible. It was starting to clear in early March and hopefully, will have cleared up by April.

Soft Plastics

The soft plastics craze continues, this time on the trout scene with anglers enjoying some great sessions. Steve Wright has had some fantastic trips in one of our local streams, catching large brown and rainbow trout to 1.5kg.

Light jigheads and small grubs and minnows are definitely worth a go.

With a bit of rain to help the fish spawn, we should be in for a cracking finish to our riverine trout season. For more information contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on (03) 5174 8544.

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