Big Fish in Little Water
  |  First Published: April 2006

The past couple of weeks have seen some magnificent early autumn weather and some great fish taken in our Yarra Valley waters.

As the water temperature has started to drop, the fishing around Warburton has improved. Greg and Mat have been consistently fishing the upper Warburton area with little success, however since late February they’ve managed to hook a trout on each occasion. The old faithful, the olive Caddis was the best performer on their last visit.

Bruce Smith agrees and reports the river has been fishing well of late for fly anglers who have been catching brown trout to 500g in the late afternoon. His best patterns have been size 16 Elk Hair Caddis and Creel Caddis.

Wonga Park through to Templestowe has been firing for Macquarie perch. Ringwood staff member Martin and mate Chris have tried their luck several times around Warrandyte recently, catching 4 good Maccas on their best day. All were released. The best baits were medium sized scrubworms, tossed out into the slow moving current near snags or rocks.

Redfin, carp and eels have also been taken from the Yarra River, from Chirnside Park through to Templestowe. The best time for targeting eels is around dusk. Use large scrubworms on a running sinker rig.

The redfin are to be found in backwaters with reeds and small snags. Fish with small scrubworms on the bottom or cast gold and copper coloured spinners, retrieved with a slow pulsating action.

Dandenong Staff member Mitch and myself have been hitting the lower Yarra near the Maribyrnong junction over the past month targeting bream and juvenile salmon. Most fish have been taken on Ecogear SX35 lures in light natural colours. Pick your days, as we’ve found cloudy days more productive. If it’s sunny then work the shady areas. The majority of the fish have been caught within a metre of the edge so cast along the bank rather than to it for best results.

Lilydale Lake was quiet through most of February, however it’s picked up now with recent reports of some trout taken from the deeper water near the Hospital, probably as a result of cooler water temperatures.

Redfin reports have also picked up with Celtas in red and gold, or a redfin attractor pattern, providing most action. Carp continue to provide most the bulk of the catch though. To improve your chances, work your maggot through a strong heavy berley trail.

My tip of the month relates to trout and redfin. Rig a Berkley 2” Power Nymph on a size 6 1/47oz Gamakatsu Cobra 29 jighead. Suspend it under a SureCatch medium sized strike indicator ball on a 3 to 6lb fluorocarbon leader. This will enable you to cast a good distance and adjust its drop if necessary. This rig can be used anywhere from the upper Yarra River to the Eildon pondage and is most effective at dusk.

Had some success? Then send me the details – we’ll use the best freshwater picture in our report.

For up to date information about fishing the Yarra Valley contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Ringwood on (03) 9870 7792 or better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Hwy – we’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality fresh bait and a great selection of freshwater gear for beginners and fishaholics alike.

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