Goulburn Is The Go
  |  First Published: April 2006

If you’ve been following my earlier reports and fishing the Goulburn River around Seymour I’m sure you haven’t been disappointed. Redfin have continued to be plentiful along with some reasonable catches of Murray cod.

Even with the high level of the river the water has been surprisingly clear. If you like using lures then now is the time.

Further downstream, the Goulburn River around Toolamba and Undera continues to provide good results for those chasing cod.

I don’t get to fish the Goulburn around Shepparton very often but like Seymour, it’s surprisingly clear. Local angler Russell Ford reports that there have been many Murray cod taken on both lures and bait. Most anglers however, prefer to use lures in the clear water. Most of the popular deep divers have been taking fish. Spinnerbaits have been good too. Some very large fish have been taken so make sure you’re suitably equipped.

Broken River

The Broken River, although not well known as a fishery, has been producing good numbers of cod. Some fish have been over 20kg. The one downside to this river is that access can be difficult because much of it flows through private land. Please seek permission from landowners before you start jumping fences to get to the river.

Many local anglers paddle canoes or wade to get to the fish. Casting lures to the snags is most productive in the Broken.

Lake Mokoan

Lake Mokoan has continued to fish well for both yellowbelly and Murray cod. Many anglers come away from Mokoan without catching a fish and declare the place as no good. In most cases though, it is the angler who is at fault.

We see it so often! Anglers tie up to a tree and sit there for hours without catching a fish. In this lake you must search for fish by moving around, fishing different depths and different locations.

Drifting can be a good way to find some fish if continually starting the engine and tying up bothers you. Both fresh bait and soft plastics work well on the drift.

Lake Nillahcootie

As reported in VFM last month Lake Nillahcootie recently suffered a fish kill. I haven’t yet heard any news on the cause. It’s a real shame because the lake was fishing extremely well beforehand. Not surprisingly, the action has slowed considerably since the kill.

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