Carp Stealing Bass Plastics
  |  First Published: March 2006

It’s been a hot and, unfortunately, fiery summer for Moondarra residents but it’s almost over.

The rivers don’t seem to have been greatly affected by the fires, but the Tyers River might be a bit cooked around the edges. Hopefully, the retardant won’t cause any problems like it did on the Macalister River a few years ago.

Blue Rock

Blue Rock is still alive and kicking after the fires and is producing small trout come evening on small dries and buzzer patterns. I haven’t heard anything about any stocked bass getting caught yet. It might be a year or two early although Glenmaggie seems to have good earlier than many expected.

Traralgon Creek

I’ve been putting a fair bit of time in the lower sections of Traralgon Creek catching plenty of redfin with soft plastics.

The redfin have been small with the odd 1lb specimen coming from the snags. The smaller reddies have been gobbling 2” and 3” soft plastic minnows or wriggler styles in red and brown.


Recently, I’ve been targeting the bass at Glenmaggie without much luck other than some redfin, trout and carp. Others have been more fortunate though. I’ve had two reports of bass between 25 and 30cm.

Macalister River

The Macalister River has been fishing well for both browns and rainbows. Lure fishermen have been doing well with smaller Tassie Devils and Luhr Jensen Bangtail lures.

Flyfishermen using streamer patterns like Mrs Simpsons and Tom Jones’ and dries such as Wulffs, hoppers and spinners have also been reporting good catches.


We have been catching more carp on plastics than anything else, which has been good fun. They are taking the same sort of plastics in the same colours as trout and redfin would, however very small jigheads ranging from 1/32oz to 1/16oz seem to be the go.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on (03) 5174 8544.

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