Rain helps and hinders
  |  First Published: December 2005

With all the rain that’s been about, it’s been a bit quiet around Tamworth with most of the dams slow for lure fishing but bait anglers are doing OK.

Put a lot of work in with bait and you’ll pick up some good fish. Worms are getting the best results on silver perch, goldens and catfish.

For cod at this time of year you could do worse than to head to Keepit Dam, where they’ve been getting some good ones. Lures, spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits are doing the job out there.

The Namoi river is picking up a little for goldens and cod, with the same sorts of lures and bait working there,


Dad and I had been talking for what seemed like forever about going down the highway to Glenbawn Dam for a weekend together.

Dad had been to the dam once or twice before with no success. I had promised him a trip to Glenbawn and when I had a couple of days’ holiday recently, I told him we were going the following weekend.

We set up camp first, even though we were champing at the bit to get the boat on the water. There were cars and trailers parked all the way up the side of the ramp so we were a little worried we wouldn't get to some of my favourite spots but we launched and headed out.

I wanted to try some new lures and do some comparisons. It didn't take long for the wind to come up and the water to become choppy, making it difficult position the boat among the timber, but it wasn't long until the first fish was caught.

I had just cast my Jackall TN-60 towards a big sunken tree and started to slowly retrieve it when it got smashed. I pulled hard but the fish still managed to wrap me around a stick,

Dad was keen on me getting this one so he shoved his head and shoulders under water and managed to reach the stick because we thought this was a decent catch. I was glad he was this dedicated as it helped me finally retrieve the fish and after a couple of pics we released the little fella.

Later that afternoon I landed another two nice bass, Dad got a good golden perch and we also lost a few.

On Sunday we headed out just on daylight and decided to test-run some Strike Pro lipless crankbaits. One of their best features is the price, half that of a Jackall. The Strike Pro looks similar to the Daiwa TD Pro's Vibration Crankbait.

We were using Wilson 4kg Live Fibre Texalium rods, quite whippy at the tip for accurate casting, and loads of grunt in the butt. They went well with the TICA Sculptor SL series reels, whose 12 ball bearings make them a dream to use.

In one of my favourite bays we spotted a great weed bed and within 15 or so casts I landed a 35cm bass. In the first few hours we landed around eight bass and were busted off by more.

In another great bay full of trees with a weed bed running through the middle, we flicked Strike Pro crankbaits right up the back of a bunch of trees. I would let the lure sink for a bit, then work it back towards me.

I got smashed by another decent fish. I thumb-locked the spool and just pulled hard and wound as fast as I could, really putting the Texalium to the test.

I got the fish in the clear and to the surface and was shocked to see a 52cm silver perch! We kept on casting and catching bass around 30cm to 40cm, landing around 40 that day.

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