Goulburn is the shining light
  |  First Published: April 2007

The Eildon area is struggling to provide many positive fishing reports but the Goulburn River is still producing the goods. As we aim to save valuable water the Goulburn is running at a very low and fishable level. With the easy accessibility, and extra pressure as many anglers avoid the smaller rivers, reports have been promising.


Normally you would not describe Lake Eildon as a possible destination for anglers to chase the mighty Murray cod, but the combination of high water temperature and low water levels may change things.

Cod of all sizes are on offer with a 3kg fish taking a number 2 purple StumpJumper, a 4.5kg cod taking Oar-Gee lure and a 7.5kg specimen taking another StumpJumper. Unfortunately a friend of mine, Chris Mackay found a large 20kg cod dead at the dam wall. I’m not sure what caused the demise of such a great fish, but unfortunately it was not alone.

There have been several reports of dead fish ranging from large golden perch to big trout. This is never good news and there are heaps of theories as to why. Truth is, temperature and water quality may very well be the decisive factor, but until research is finalised we will not know. I will provide any new information next month.

It s always good to finish on a high, and what better way than with a golden perch report? A beautiful 2kg ‘yella’ was caught recently on an Aus Spin spinnerbait. Another angler landed a 1.5kg redfin on scrubworms while casting from the bank. It just goes to show that you don’t always need the flashest boat and gear to catch good fish (but don’t tell my wife!).


The Goulburn is fishing very well. Reports range from 2kg brownies taken on red and black Matuka flies through to several pan-sized rainbows that fell for Rapala lures. Tassie Devils have produced several fish, with number 55 accounting for a pair of brownies to 1kg. The same anglers must have thought they hit the jackpot when a pair similar-sized redfin also ate the lures.

Lots of bait anglers have been landing trout using a variety of baits. Scrubworms and night crawler worms are the preferred baits but gents and mealworms have had some success. The smaller backwaters underneath the shady willow trees have been most productive.

The best time for fly casters to fish the river is after 6pm when the bigger fish come out. Best flies have been Highland Duns, Parachute Adams, Klink Hammers and the Suspender nymph. I landed a solid 1kg brown trout recently that spent much of the night porpoising straight across from Twin Rivers Caravan Park. I had to ignore several other fish and purely concentrate on this one. Two other fly casters had also had a successful session and landed fish to 1kg.

The new Rapala muddler colour is stirring up some interest. Vicky from Totally Trout in Alexandra reports that a 1.5kg trout smashed a lure this colour recently. There are a number of small rainbows to 10cm in the lower section. Still, they rise to a fly, take a lure or bait and can keep you interested.


The Pondage is staying fairly level which has helped a few anglers using a variety of baits. A 2kg brown trout fell to mealworms while mudeyes accounted for a 1.5kg rainbow. The interesting report actually comes from one angler who landed six 500g redfin using scrubbies. I know the Pondage has redfin in it but I have never heard of so many caught in the one session.

The magical 10lb mark was once again broken this month on the Pondage. This monster brown trout took scrubworms fished down towards the spillway gates.

Lures have been doing well with the usual reports from Wonder Wobblers and Tassie Devils. The temperature is a little high and is still affecting the reports, but the Pondage is still well worth a try.

Again this month I will not report on the smaller rivers in the hope that they are left alone. Launching facilities at Lake Eildon are at their best at the Dam Wall, and I urge you all to come and have a look around the lake at the interesting artefacts that are being seen for the first time since the original lake filled.

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