Bushmaster 4000 real value for money
  |  First Published: July 2017

Korr has an enviable reputation for gear that’s spot on in its application, and reliable as tomorrow’s sunrise. Interestingly, the company started with lighting and electronics, but as a result of their love for outdoor life, it was a pretty natural progression when they also branched into top end camper trailers.

New Bushmaster has the lot

Their new HKC 4000 Bushmaster is the current showpiece. It’s an attractively eye catching and well-built camper trailer with capacity for a whole family to enjoy. It’s also compact enough to be towed by an SUV or a family wagon in lieu of a big 4x4. And it’s strong. No lightweight bitumen-only camper trailer this one, it has ‘take me to the Cape’ written all over it. The tare weight is 850kg, the unit is braked, naturally, and it rides on 235/75/15 wheels and tyres to provide ample ground clearance for both bush and beach work.

The dimensions (in its packed up travelling state) are 4000mm long, 1800mm wide and 1900 high with the folded tent compartment sitting atop. The attractively coated and painted steel body has many very useful features and compartments.

A Foxwing style awning sat neatly furled within a sock on the left side ready for deployment and it was good to see that the awning actually extended out and around the entire unit as far as the bed area. Should more weather-protected space be required, walls are provided to attach to the awning on all sides as well. I could see a lot of couples putting beds in there for extra family or team members on their camping trips.

Even a cursory glance reveals that this camper trailer has the storage capacity to neatly package virtually everything that would make it a home away from home. It’s a dust-free environment, thanks to the terrific automotive rubber standard seals on each compartment’s doors.

A closer look

Fixed onto the massive galvanised draw bar of the Bushmaster is a mesh stone guard to protect the investment. Immediately behind is a large tri-compartmented storage space. The central section has a hatch that’s strut equipped (same as all the other top opening compartments on this unit) and would be ideal for items that need to be kept handy like tackle boxes or a fish smoker.

The right hand compartment would be ideal for a fuel container while the left is a dedicated 9kg gas bottle storage space, as the bottle services the two burner stove in the kitchen compartment. There is also a hand operated water pump here (note there’s a pressure pump in the kitchen slide out compartment) handy for quick wash ups after cleaning a feed of fish or gathering some fire wood to put into the dedicated mesh floor storage box atop this area.

Looking at each side of the Bushmaster’s main body there are three under-bed paired storage compartments on the left side and on the right. They differ in use depending where they are situated. Note that all of these compartments are rubber sealed and equipped with dual lock up handles for the best weather and dust proofing. The hinges are particularly robust and in keeping with the solid feel of the doors.

Outside the camper, the space from the front to the rear on the left side would be the main work area, being well protected by the Foxwing. This space has the first of four wide under-bed compartments; this one is accessed from either side in fact, set up to show its storage capability with an optional Weber Cube on the left and a Honda generator on the right.

For ease of use, the Weber was on a roller slide extension bed. Making the best use of the space, a dedicated holding area was above the Weber for poles and other kit to brace the Foxwing when it was to be deployed.

The next storage compartment was resplendent with the Bushmaster’s camp kitchen components: a stainless sink with a 12V pressure pump (linked to a 65L bash plate protected water tank), a Smev 2 burner gas stove and a work bench. These were all on a very strong slide arrangement for ease of access. I noted plenty of areas to prepare tucker and clean up afterwards in the drain-equipped sink. All items were at a convenient height.

The third row of compartments on this side was virtually all cupboard space with a dedicated cutlery area. It was large enough to be very useful and was, once again, well protected by good dust seals.

Right at the rear of the Bushmaster was a massive upper storage drawer capable of swallowing up a big collapsible table and several chairs. Lower down there was provision for the Bushmaster’s refrigeration. In this case it was a 12V Waeco fridge displayed on it’s own independent roller slide system. All fridges can be attached via an Anderson plug to link to paired 12V batteries in series; these are easily charged by Korr’s brilliant new 200 watt lightweight (4kg) solar panels.

More storage And a bed

The right side of the unit was virtually a mirror reverse of the left with storage space taking the place of the BBQ and kitchen areas. One thing of note was the compartment housing the unit’s electronics. This was located just below the paired deep cycle batteries that powered the fridge and water pump. Easily accessed fuses for the HKC 4000’s various electrical components such as an optional Waeco or other fridge, solar system and water pump were visible along with displays to reassure users as to electrical health.

Looking aloft, the unit’s tent-covered double bed was set up by simply undoing strap restraints and then the cover. The bed, in it’s folded away state, has dimensions of 1400x1200x450mm, but extended for use it’s 2500x1450x1300mm – it’s obviously large enough for a couple to enjoy comfortable sleeping.

To set the bed up, the cover’s removed to allow access to a light and very strong ladder which is pulled down to extend the bed into it’s full double size. Then, with the ladder simply locked into place as a rigid support, the bedroom’s ready for use, the mattress remaining in situ at all times.

There’s a tropical weather-proof over fly which is fitted into position over the main bedding area to keep out foul weather if required. When things are balmy, the fly can be extended out wide on simple props. With the bedroom tent’s windows opened (but well protected by midge proof screening) that lovely night breeze can be allowed to do its soothing thing, which is so very important if camping up the Cape or virtually anywhere in the tropics for that matter.

Of definite interest, there is also a tent section that attaches under the bedroom section to provide a sleeping area for more of the crew. All side wall sections are of quality ripstop cotton canvas material which should give years of trouble-free use.

Setting up the camper as we see in this article (including the bed, of course) would take around five minutes. Putting on extra walls on the awning would naturally take a little longer. Once the awning is in place, users can select exactly which of the Bushmaster’s facilities would then be required, or, just put down a table and chairs and enjoy the ambience.

To have the Weber in action, or perhaps other sections of the camp kitchen, would only take moments for them to be accessed and slid out for use. As a very efficient and easy to use camper trailer, the HKC 4000 Bushmaster would be hard to beat.

Like to own one? Who wouldn’t at a price of around $17,990? Contact --e-mail address hidden-- for more information.

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