River flows are high
  |  First Published: November 2016

With river levels high with a fast flowing pool here in the Mildura region, water continues to be dirty and makes it hard for the local lure fishers. The dirty water has managed to stay around, but there have been several good reports in some locations around Mildura with the odd fantastic golden perch.

These fish have been caught mainly on bait, with live bait producing the goods. Live shrimp and worm cocktail has been very productive, as live yabbies have been going very well in the snaggy waters and below weirs. The Mildura Weir was pulled out late September to early October as a result of the increased river flows. The rain continued to make its way down and it should settle down and clear up for cod season come 1 December.

The cod anglers want our pool to be steady and clear, but it’s a long shot. The water will have to travel for a productive cod opening. Dams and reservoirs will be quite popular in cod season, as the water tends to be clearer and more productive for lures.

The acting Executive Director of River Management, Andrew Reynolds, mentioned in September that the weir was removed. Flows were predicted to reach about 43,000ML/day for the first time since 2012. Hopefully, these large amounts of water flowing through the region will steady up. People can chase yellowbelly on lures with success.

There have been small bursts of golden perch captured. Golden perch should become more active as water clarity improves and the temperature increases. Jackall TN50, 60 and 70s, small Carl’s Compact Bassman Spinerbaits, small Oar-Gee, AC and Custom Crafted will be productive over the summer for solid golden perch.


Rivers were high in Mildura last month.


The author with a solid golden perch caught at Mildura on a Jackall TN60.

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