Get clever on the Clarence
  |  First Published: November 2015

Woody Head, Black Rock, Angourie, Shellys, and further down around Wooli and Minnie waters are where you’ll find the squire and snapper absolutely firing.

Monthly tips

These fish are going to be huddled down around the 30m mark, much like the previous month. The best baits to use are the usual suspects with pillies and bottle squid doing the bulk of the damage. Still, the best lures to be throwing around are the flick baits in that 5-7” range which have for majority of quality fish up around the 4-7kg mark.

Out wide there are still some nice kingfish and some good table fish like pearlies and pigfish on offer. You can find these fish down deep on hardy baits like mullet and squid.

In the river there is plenty of bream action as the prawns run. My personal favourite way of catching these fish is to throw surface for them around the weed beds, it’s always so exciting to watch the action unfold right in front of your eyes! Surface fishing offers an exciting visual style of capture – a great way to get kids into lure fishing. Who knows? Instead of baiting hooks with prawns for the kids all day, you might even get to flick a lure in too.


Because the prawns are running, uncooked green prawns will be an advantageous bait to use. However, if pickers are destroying you, hardy bait like good old mullet flesh is called for. Any other gut baits like chook and mullet gut will last a lot better as well. With these prawns around, the local school mulloway population should start kicking into gear as well. Blades and prawn imitation plastics worked deep along the rock walls and reefs in the river should see you get into a few nice fish this month. Of the stones there are still some very nice tailor around in the 2-3kg class which can be caught on spinners. Better quality 4-5kg green backs will be done on poppers, and with plenty of bait around and good conditions hopefully the run of good fish will continue.


My favourite pick for poppers are the River2Sea 130 Bubble Pop as well as the Get Bent Pencil Popper. Both are also awesome lures for trevally which have been floating around with the tailor. The schoolie action has been hot off the headlands and walls as well as on soft plastics. My favourite combo for this style of fishing is a rod in the 8-9ft rated to 8-10kg, 4000-6000 sized reel running 20-30lb line and 40-50 leader. There have been some quality mulloway on the larger hardbodies. One of my favourite lures, the locally made Jewie Jewel by Croaker lures has accounted for some good size fish. Upsize your gear if you’re throwing around these bigger hardbodies.

Crabs have been good of late with nice muddies around, full of meat! The bass have been firing as well – in the lower creeks you’ll find plenty of smaller fish, but if you’re chasing size, head further up the river and get into those big bass the mighty Clarence is known for!

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