Manic weather for macca
  |  First Published: December 2014

The weather up until now has been manic to say the least! The unpredictability of the weather has made the fishing very spasmodic at best.

Taking into account the native close season, which has now lifted, the water condition for these fish is still so-so. However, one native fish that tends to like the ups and downs of the water flow is the Macquarie perch. With a closed season from Oct 1 to Dec 31 the season is now open for these prized fish. A total worm hog, the ‘macca’ can be found feeding hard up against the banks where they look for nymphs and other small invertebrates, and they love scrub worms.

Worms form a small but important part of this fish’s diet and when they are on the hunt for them, you can expect some pretty hot action (as far as native fish go)! The common garden worm is what they usually find washing into the system from the heavy rains, but one worm that stands out as the bait of baits for the macca is the scrub worm. This big brute of a worm is long lasting on the hook and full of yummy juices (if you’re a fish). Fish them on a size 4 bait holder hook, running sinker rig will make for a very affective combo.

Casting into the middle of the river is going to do you no good at all if you want to tangle with the slate grey perch of the Yarra. Finding a deep, slow flowing corner and dropping your bait right off the rod tip is a much better idea. The fish in this river will tend to hug the banks as this is where the cover is and most of the food they find. Using a couple of rods per person you can ‘peg’ out a slice of bank and still have a reasonable chance of getting to your rod in time to set the hook. However, beware of the Murray cod! This fish is big and strong and will rip your rod from the rod holder in a second and take it home to show the kids. Secure your gear to the bank well with proper rod holders not forked sticks.

The trout fishing has been pretty good of late although trying to catch a brake of clear water has been the issue. For the lure angler, this is never a drama as the arsenal of lures in the box will in most cases be able to cut through any water conditions and still get a result.

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