Hot action as temp cools
  |  First Published: March 2014

The fishing in the Bendigo region has continued to be productive lately. We recently had a heat wave of several days in excess of 40ºC in a row. An extreme heat wave like this would normally have a negative effect on the fishing, however, water temperatures were still low before this weather event so the hot weather has had a positive effect on the fishing.


The lake has been very busy over the holiday period with boat traffic. Water skiers and jet skies have been very active around the lake – this can be frustrating for anglers. If you are prepared to make an early start on the water then generally the boat traffic is good until 10.30am, then it gets progressively busier.

The redfin fishing continues to be hard work. The majority of large redfin caught are still being taken in deep water with the depth range of 10m being the most productive.

Trolling deep diving hardbody lures continues to be the most productive method in locating a school of quality redfin. Once a good school is located anglers can continue to troll hardbody lures or change tactics and cast soft plastics with good results. Locating a good school of redfin is currently very difficult and anglers must be prepared to try many different locations in order to locate a good school.

Increasing numbers of small redfin are being caught around the edges of the lake in shallower depth ranges between 3-5m of water. The native fishing continues to be productive in Lake Eppalock.

Anglers are currently catching reasonable numbers of golden perch.

Bait fishers are producing good results fishing around the standing timber with worms and small yabbies being their most productive bait. Trolling the edges of the lake and casting lipless crankbaits has also been productive when targeting the golden perch.

There continues to be small numbers of Murray cod caught, with the majority trolling hardbody lures.


The fishing has been good in the Campaspe River and should continue to be productive in the future. Water clarity is currently good but this can change quickly depending on the volume of water that is being released from Lake Eppalock.

There are currently reasonable numbers of golden perch being caught in the Campaspe River. The majority of these have been caught by anglers casting and retrieving hardbody lures and lipless crankbaits.

Small numbers of Murray cod measuring up to 75cm have also been caught in the Campaspe River on cast spinnerbaits. Anglers fishing at night with surface lures have also caught increasing numbers of Murray cod.


The redfin fishing has been average with the majority caught by anglers trolling deep diving hardbody lures. The native fishing has been fairly consistent of late.

Reasonable numbers of golden perch are currently being caught by anglers trolling the edges or casting lipless crankbaits. There have also been some good reports of Murray cod being caught at this location.

The largest Murray cod that I received a report on measured 74cm. Trolling hardbody lures around the edges of the lake has been the most productive method.


Water clarity is currently good at most locations along the Loddon River. The productivity of the fishing has been good and should continue to be good for the next couple of months at least.

As always the most popular sections of the Loddon River received a lot of fishing pressure over the holiday period. The increased boat traffic has had a negative effect on the fishing in these areas. The majority of holidaymakers will have now returned to work and the boat traffic should reduce.

Over the holiday period the most productive fishing continued to be in the shallower sections of the river. Anglers who walked the banks produced some good catch rates on both golden perch and Murray cod. The recent hot weather has seen large numbers of cicadas hatch along the river. These insects are a favourite food source for Murray Cod over the warmer months of the year.

In recent weeks, anglers have been producing some good results on the Murray cod while fishing surface lures during periods of low light. The productivity of surface lure fishing should improve over the couple of months.

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