Mighty Bonanza
  |  First Published: December 2013

The Mighty Bonanza was blessed with a near-perfect weekend. Both days were pleasurably fished with some of the best conditions experienced.

The number of Juniors were down a little and, possibly because of the prize format change, Seniors numbers were up. There were around 200 registered and most prizes found a home.

The winning Club this year was Tomakin, the first time since 1987. The fish were not excessively big but just about all species were brought to scale. Only three fish failed to show up; John dory, mulloway and gamefish.


FishAnglerWeight (kg)
Snapper Garry McFadzen3.015
MorwongJohn Nelson1.795
Flathead (dusky)Tim Butler 1.820
TailorSteve Church (legal)
SalmonSam Hicks1.555
Leather jacketGarry Art 0.920
PigfishAmanda Brooks 0.790
DrummerEmily Ezzy3.030
BreamDale Evans0.885
NannygaiAdam Martin0.775
KingfishRowan Rivett3.300
WhitingBrian Evans0.420
TrevalliesCraig Nye0.960
BlackfishGraig Nye0.870
Seven-gill sharkRowan Rivett26.75
Best male anglerPhil Boneham10.08
Best female anglerAmanda Brooks5.590


Flathead Will Chamberlain0.835
MorwongLuke Cargill0.965
SnapperJakirra Nye1.725
Black fishReef Quinton0.500
SalmonKeshi Quinton0.900


SnapperCeleb Bartholomew1.985
MorwongConner Purdom1.115
SalmonScott Rigby0.655
LeatherjacketDylon Art0.845
FlatheadHeather Seward0.690
BreamHeather Seward0.285
NannygaiAnthia Hasler0.360
TrevalliesCaleb Bartholomew0.360
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