Kayak Fishing Just Got Interesting
  |  First Published: February 2007

With my kayak on the roof, my mate Jeb and I headed out for a fish ,just on daybreak armed with two breaming outfits.

My outfits consisted of 1500-sized reels spooled with 4lb Berkley Fireline 4lb and 8lb Yamatoyo fluorocarbon leader. After a few cast I landed my first bream of the session, a 26cm to the fork fish, but what was about to follow I thought I could only dream of.

At the very next pontoon the water erupted with bait fish being bailed up and smashed over the top of the pontoon by something big and silver. I went to cast a 6" Gulp sandworm I was using for bream but remembered I had pink 3" Ecogear Paddletail rigged up unweighted for topwater fishing on the other rod.

I quickly got a cast away, hit the side of the pontoon and let the lure sink just under the surface. I started to retrieve the lure when this massive bow wave rose up behind it. I stopped the retrieve and dropped the pink grub back to the fish.

On cue the fish wolfed the lure and my reel began screaming. The fish nearly spooled me on it first run with the mono backing on my reel visible through the pink fluoro braid.

I had to stop the spool with my hand and I took off down the river in my Viking Preditor, being towed at about 6 knots with Jeb paddling hard to keep up with me.

Luck went my way with the fish staying out in open water away from any pontoons or structure, then it was at a stalemate for over an hour. I couldn't lift it off the bottom with the 1-3kg rod. Pulsing round and round the kayak with the drag set right the rod felt like it was going to explode creaking and groaning. The chances of landing this fish were looking grim on my light gear, but sticking to my game plan I got first sight of colour and thought the fish was around the 4kg mark.

With Jeb keeping me calm and amused while waiting to help with landing the beast, the fish slowly started coming to the surface passing his kayak he look at me and said “Your kidding? It's a BUS!”,

With the adrenalin reaching a new high, Jeb pulled off a great tail grab to land the trevor. About two hours of intensified rush that a fishing junkie like myself never thought possible was my reward and a plastic surgeon couldn't get the smile off my face.

At 96cm. The GT weighed 9.8kg. Just shows anything’s possible! – Brad Dicker

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