Look high for top catches
  |  First Published: November 2013

The river has been up and down like a ripper lately with small but brilliant glimmer of fishing activity.

The Upper Yarra (Woori Yallock and above) has remained slightly discoloured but has had some very hungry, new season trout for the taking. Lure anglers and bait drifters have had the most success with bladed spinners and 50mm hardbody lures being the standouts.

Bait drifting with a large bunch of garden worms or one scrub worm with a small split shot attached 10cm up from a single size 4 hook will get you the casting distance you need. Using 2kg line (no heavier) and cast the rig upstream and wind it back towards you at the same pace as the current.

You can also drift this wormy rig downstream into a likely looking whole and let it sit for a second or two. If there is a trout in there you can bet they’ll be on it quick sticks.

Be prepared to loose a few rigs as this type of angling is a very snaggy way to go – another reason why you should just use 2kg straight through (no braid and leader). Spool up with a single shot of 2kg; this way you’ll stop the need to be constantly tying on leaders, which is a real time waster.

The Middle Yarra has been very brown and very high (due to the release of water to help ‘flush’ it clean). However, for the hardcore native angler, you can still start your season off by smashing a few carp on the head to get some practise for when it’s game on come December.

Keep in mind that Macquarie perch are in their close season and it will re-open with the cod on Dec 1.

It certainly seems that if you’re keen to fish the Yarra this early in what is a very strange season, you’ll need to look to the hills for some inspiration and try to tangle with a trout or two.


Upper Yarra has had some very hungry, new season trout for the taking.

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