Looking forward to next season for better fishing
  |  First Published: June 2013

I think that there is one word that sums up our fishing at the moment- terrible!

The season started off quiet last year and has gotten progressively worse.

Presently it is about the worst that I can remember for quite a long time.

Over the past month we have received some rainfall. The farming country looks great with plenty of green grass.

Lake Omeo has all but dried up but this is not unusual. Our rivers look terrific.

They are all running beautifully and the water temperature is about average for this time of the year.

The only thing missing is the fish.

I could go through all the rivers individually but they are all the same- running nicely but very low on fish.

You would normally expect to find spawning fish moving up from Lake Dartmouth in the Mitta system at this time of the year but I have been unable to locate any.

As well as fishing myself, I have spoken to numerous anglers over the past month and they are all saying the same, "no bloody good".

As the season winds up I hope that we will get some late season rain and some fish will move into the system.

The Mitta River looks great; pity about the fishing!

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