Variety is the order of the season
  |  First Published: April 2013

The fishing in the Bendigo region has been productive but spasmodic.

Water clarity remains very good at the majority of waterways in the region. We are now approaching a terrific time of the year when typically we receive good barometer conditions with large slow moving high pressure systems with light winds becoming a more regular event. This will be a welcome relief to the majority of anglers who have endured many days of high winds this season.

Lake Eppalock

The fishing is significantly slower than what is has been over the previous two seasons. The most productive depths are currently 4-7m where there are good schools of small redfin showing on the sounder. The larger fish are proving a lot more difficult to locate and have been caught trolling deep diving hardbodied lures or by casting soft plastics.

On a positive note there has been the gradual increase in catches of golden perch, mostly caught by bait fishing around timber with worms and small yabbies. Small numbers of golden perch are also being caught with spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits.

Increased numbers of proposed golden perch are to be released into Lake Eppalock for the next two seasons. This should ensure some very good golden perch fishing in the next few years. On another pleasing note has been the numbers of Murray cod have also been caught at this location. While not large numbers it is encouraging. Hopefully Lake Eppalock will also receive a good stocking of Murray cod.


The fishing has remained good in the Campaspe River, with good water clarity. Water clarity is currently good. Anglers have had good success on both Murray cod and golden perch lately. The majority of the Murray cod have been caught walking the banks fishing the shallower sections with spinnerbaits and medium sized hardbodied lures. Small numbers of Murray cod are being taken fishing surface lures during low periods of light. In the deeper sections of the river at Elmore and Rochester most catches have been golden perch and small numbers of quality redfin.


The fishing has slowed down here lately. Water levels are starting to drop and I think this is having a negative effect on catch rates, with redfin making up the majority of anglers’ bags, mostly caught trolling hardbodied lures. Good numbers can be caught once a school is located. Only small numbers of golden perch have been caught lately and the majority of these by trolling medium sized hardbodied lures or by casting lipless crankbaits around rocky banks or timber areas.


Water clarity is very good at several location s along the Loddon River system. In those sections where the water is very clear the productivity has been low during the middle of the day. Best results are gained in the first or the last couple of hours light.

The majority of Murray cod continue to be caught walking the shallower sections of the Loddon River, with cod up to 75cm. The majority of these have been caught with spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits. Cod numbers continue to be low in the deep sections of the Loddon River at Bridgewater and Serpentine, but there are reasonable numbers of golden perch casting lipless crankbaits.

Good results have also been produced fishing with suspending hardbodied lures lately. The numbers of redfin being caught in the Loddon River have been low.

Murray cod have been caught in the Loddon River casting lipless crankbait lures.

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