Off shore fishing still firing as kingfish peak
  |  First Published: February 2013

As the summer holidays come to an end and everyone is getting back into everyday life and the hustle and bustle at the boat ramps have settled, the fishing offshore is still firing and bringing in plenty of action.

Summer is still in the air and there is an abundance of species to choose from.


We have had a good run on the shark this season, our first mako made an appearance before Christmas, weighing in at approximately 40kg before a thumper of 130kg was taken.

With February heading towards the end of summer, take up one of the last opportunities you will have for this season and head off shore, as there is no feeling quite like reeling in a shark.

As always make sure you take care going out the heads and head out with someone experienced, particularly when heading out to set up a shark trail.

australian Salmon

The salmon have been showing up in good numbers so far. A school of salmon can be spotted by keeping your eyes peeled for activity on the surface. If you see birds working an area and the water appearing to bubble, it will most likely be a school of salmon feeding below. At the moment they can be found in and around the Rip.

The best way to go about targeting the salmon is by trolling the area and using white Ockies and 2-4kg light outfits.

Yellowtail Kingfish

The yellowtail king fish are the prized catch of the month! They require a lot of patience for it can require a lot of time and effort to capture this species.

They are a good fighting fish and if last year is any indication the Rip will be the place to find them, where they can range between 10-15kg.

King George Whiting

The whiting are starting to come through with some consistency and February will see them coming in greater numbers and in good size too.

To catch these delicious species arm yourself with some fresh squid for bait on light tackle.

Whilst we are still in the midst of summer, take the opportunity to head out and enjoy the large variety of species of fish we have to choose from at this time of year.

Whether you dream of catching your first mako shark, or it’s to capture a kingfish, there is only a small window of opportunity for the conditions to be right in order to enable you to head out to catch one these two species of fish.

Be ready and head out when the opportunity strikes, for those winter months tend to creep up very quickly and the smorgasbord of fish we have on offer at the moment will be vastly limited.

A thumping 130kg mako shark signalled the beginning of another intriguing offshore shark season.

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