Consistent fishing for the lure casting angler
  |  First Published: February 2013

The Bendigo region has had several months of below average rainfall and the region has dried out rapidly with no significant inflows into our waterways for a long time.

This has been the major reason for us seeing a significant improvement in water clarity at the majority of locations in the region that has lead to an increase in catch rates.


The fishing in Lake Eppalock has been only average in recent weeks, with numbers of redfin significantly lower than the previous two seasons. Anglers fishing this destination for redfin have come home disappointed. Experienced anglers are still managing to capture some reasonable numbers of redfin with small numbers of good size redfin up to 45cm have been caught.

Anglers should be prepared to move around to many different locations in order to find good schools of redfin. The fish are proving a lot more difficult compared to the previous two seasons with the best concentrations of redfin currently in 6-8m. With better water clarity, the most productive hours have been the first three and last three hours of day light.

The numbers of native fish being caught at Lake Eppalock has improved slightly in recent weeks, with small numbers of golden perch caught, mostly by trolling hardbodied lures. There have also been low numbers of smaller Murray cod caught bait fishing from the bank.

On a positive note is some feedback on a proposed increase in the stocking rate for Lake Eppalock this season. Interest groups such as angling clubs are encouraged to contact Victorian Fisheries so information can be provided, so that then these interest groups can apply for funding from the RFL Funding Grants. This is great news for any angler who enjoys fishing this destination.


The current conditions are the best that I have seen in the Campaspe River for over two years. Water clarity has improved significantly and there are some good numbers of golden perch and Murray cod being caught in the system. Murray cod of 55-60cm are currently being caught by anglers casting and retrieving spinnerbaits and hardbodied lures. There are reasonable numbers of golden perch being caught by anglers casting spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits.

There are small numbers of redfin also being caught in the Campaspe River, with casting bladed spinners, soft plastics and small hardbodied lures most productive. If the current trend of below average rainfall continues then water clarity should remain good and the fishing should continue to be productive for the next few months.


I am pleased to write finally we are starting to see Cairn Curran fish well. The overall numbers of fish being caught at this location has increased significantly in recent weeks.

Redfin are making up the majority of anglers catch rates, with best concentrations of redfin can be found in 3-4m. The numbers of redfin being caught by the anglers are not large but the average size of the redfin being caught is good.

Redfin are being caught by anglers bait fishing with yabbies and small worms. Trolling small hardbodied lures has also been productive. Casting soft plastics and blades has also produced reasonable results on the redfin.

There have also been a few large golden perch up to 65cm being caught at this location, mostly caught trolling hardbodied lures, along with some quality golden perch with lipless crankbaits.


Water clarity has also improved significantly along this system over the past few weeks. The majority of the fish caught along the Loddon River have been by those anglers walking the banks fishing the shallower sections. Reasonable numbers of both Murray cod and golden perch have been caught in the Newbridge area. The fishing has also been productive downstream from the Serpentine Weir. Unfortunately the fishing has been slow in the deeper sections of the Loddon River above the Serpentine and Bridgwater weirs.

We should see an improvement in the fishing in these sections in the near future as the water temperatures continue to increase.

Good numbers of golden perch are being caught in the Bendigo region.

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