Summer fishing frenzy piles on the action in Bass Strait
  |  First Published: December 2012

The summer fishing frenzy is well and truly under way and its action packed out in Bass the Strait!


January is known to be the peak time for shark activity in Bass Strait particularly when it’s a scorcher of a summer. We have seen plenty of baitfish activity so far, so this is a good indication that the sharks will be making their way in.

Mako sharks are the prized shark capture for the season. As our weather can limit the amount of opportunities you have to head out in search of these mighty beasts take the opportunity when it presents itself. To find them make sure you berley up in between 30-70m of water and if around they as sure to make their presents known.

Shark fishing can certainly provide some adrenalin pumping action, however make sure you head out with someone who is experienced in both sharking fishing and above all boating.

Don’t forget gummy sharks, they have been coming in good size this season around the 5-15kg mark and have been particularly active around the full moon.


Flathead are a great catch for the experienced and inexperienced angler. They have so far presented themselves in good size and number, and as they are known to be the best table fish around it is certainly hard to pass up.

Tiger flatties are in great size 50-70cm.

Australian Salmon

Salmon have been popping up in the bay and the rip and they can provide tonnes of entertainment for families and young anglers.

They are not large in numbers at this stage but keep some white Ockies and light gear handy in case you see a patch busting up around these areas.


Snapper have remained consistent off shore coming in at 2-5kg and providing a challenge for many anglers. The offshore snapper fishing experience can prove to be different to what the average punter have experienced before in snapper fishing. For at depths of 50m plus, the fight can be longer and tougher than what had been anticipated, which has proven to test many anglers.

Yellowtail Kingfish

The kingfish had disappeared from our region for some time, however they have made a come back in the last few years. With last year as an indication the rip is the place to be to land one of these fine species, however as always the rip can prove to be a challenge, so take care at all times.


Squid fishing has proved to be a challenge this year with so many boats trying to fish the same spots. Despite some difficulty in reaching the squid they have been in good size and number. Squid have been tough to find with the size good but not so many in quantity with so many anglers

Striped tuna

We had a great season on the striped tuna last year and this is the time to be heading out the front with some light gear in search for them, as they are a great entertainer.

We will be in the peak of the fishing season in Bass Strait and anglers can now experience the best of offshore fishing from the acrobatic displays of the mako or the satisfaction of reeling in a red beauty.

They are all out there and waiting for you to take on the challenge.

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