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  |  First Published: October 2008

Gazza at Eildon Bait and Tackle reports a busy trout opening, with plenty of anglers flocking to Eildon. He weighed in a number of nice trout between 1-3kg, all caught on the Pondage. Best bait has been dough, rainbow and pink PowerBait and maggots.

Lures are also getting good results on the Pondage, with Crocodiles in crab, brown, scale, silver and gold colours working well. Also good are Tassie Devils in fluoro pink, brown trout and No. 26 mauve, particularly on overcast days. One angler reported catching two rainbow trout of 1kg on spinnerbaits.

Best flies on the Pondage are the Tom Jones smelt pattern and the black midge.

Lake Eildon is producing trout on trolled lures. Rick Formica, who works at Outdoor Pleasures in Mansfield, caught a 3kg, 65cm brown trout on a #63 Tassie Devil behind three colours of leadline, just outside the entrance to the Big River Arm. Tassie Devils in various colours are the best lures for trolling in the Lake.

On the streams, trout season is open again, and aren’t you trout enthusiasts happy about that! The opening weekend saw droves of anglers venture into the Alexandra and Eildon region, with most popular fishing locations packed with eager anglers awaiting that first trout to devour what they had on offer.

Ken and Vicky from Totally Trout in Alexandra had a few reports of trout of 250-750g caught on the Goulburn River. Scrubworms or maggots have been the best bait. Local boy Ronnie Clark landed himself a 1kg Goulburn rainbow using a fluoro pink Tassie Devil.

I suggest fishing the Goulburn early in season before the warm weather sets in and the ambient temperature goes up along with the water temperature in the river.

I’ve yet to receive any reports on the Rubicon and Acheron Rivers, but I’m sure they would be well worth a visit.

Eildon Info Service

There is an automated message system that is updated at 9am daily and provides information on lake levels, water temperature and releases in the Goulburn River. Put this number in your mobile or diary: 03 5770 8128.

If you have some information or a photo of a recent catch in the Eildon or Alexandra area and you would like to share it with us, please fell free to email me at --e-mail address hidden-- .

Rick Formica, from Outdoor Pleasures in Mansfield, caught this 3kg brown trout in Lake Eildon, just outside the entrance to the Big River Arm. The fish took a No. 63 Tassie Devil trolled behind three colours of leadline.

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