Bowen Family Fishing Classic and Wet Weekend 2012
  |  First Published: November 2012

The Bowen Fishing Classic and Wet Weekend in 2012 was a stunning success, matched only by the amazing weather that occurred over the tournament’s duration.

The fantastic weather allowed anglers of all persuasions to chase their dream and catch some amazing fish. The near shoals were on fire for mackerel with some genuine horses being bought to the weigh masters. Heading further offshore was not a problem for most boats and overnighters were common. These extended trips led to some cracking reef and offshore species being landed and the excitement of the crowd during the weigh-ins, hosted be Dean Miller from Creek2Coast and Queensland Weekender, were evidence enough of the fishing quality.

But it wasn’t just the offshore brigade who fared well with the weather. The creek fishers cracked onto some ripping barra and the big buck muddies were a treat to see – it was just a pity they wouldn’t let me eat them for them!

One of the great ideas with this competition is that if the competitors do not want to keep their fish, the team at the Classic retain the fish and the local fish monger cleans them up and distributes the fish to Meals on Wheels locally. Cod, mackerel, trout, nannygai, emperor and sweetlip have been on the menu for a few weeks and I am hearing stories of huge gratitude from the recipients.

This tournament not only encompass the fishing, there are a huge number of extra events visitors can take part in: sandcastle competitions, dash for cash, fish throwing, pie eating contests, and so much more. It is more like carnival with numerous rides and slides, and even helicopter trips for the brave.

We had a fantastic time at the event and even though we didn’t get on the water (yes that killed us!), the event has so much going on that you rarely feel like you’re missing out. And the fact that the major prize boats are all randomly drawn means that if you enter the comp you get a chance to win – the best way to ensure that cheating is minimised, or even effectively stopped.

Check out the full results and images on the Bowen Fishing Classic website at www.bowenfamilyfishingclassic.com and get excited about next year’s event. In the meantime, check out the winners in the factbox and enjoy some of the more special moments of the Bowen Fishing Classic. – FMG


SpeciesSenior Angler: highest weightWeight (kg)Secret Weight

Spanish mackeral Courtney Lea-Gardiner22.400Wayne Hinds
Mackerel (Other) Craig Hudson9.9000Wally Scott
Coral trout(All)Russell Stockdale4.9515 Andrew Boetcher
Mangrove jackPaul Sellen 5.3500Kelly Ross
Flathead (All)Steve Holditch 2.0306 Yvonne Ross
Cod (All) Lisa Bridson 22.300Lunne Land
Whiting(All) Steve Holditch 0.3298 Simon Miller
Trevally(All) Kel Caterson 25.200 Harry White
Bream (Acanthopagrusberda) Greg Sullivan0.9085 Bernie Burgess
Sweetlip (Lethrinus chrys)Ross Mcdonald 4.0215 Rhonda Quadroy
Barramundi Dean Leblowitz 13.460 Aarron Jurgens
Javelinfish or grunterChris Achille 3.2196 Allan Richardson
Red emperor and scarlet Vicky Spann 9.7900David Petersen
Blue tuskfish Steve Aitken 7.4900 Christine Hart
Other species Wayne Pethers 18.450 Linda Thomson
Crab Phillip Hines 2.2160 Lisa Mcnamara

SpeciesJunior Angler: highest weightWeight (kg)Secret Weight

Spanish Mackeral Wesley Jochheim 14.600Brealyn Morton
Mackerel (Other) Chance Warcon 14.500 Deacon Ilka
Coral Trout(All)Callum Fisher 4.0717 Makayla Walkon
Mangrove JackHayden Briggs 1.9268 Madeline Hughes
Flathead (All)Hayden Briggs 3.0693 Zachery Morrell
Cod (All) Mitchell Briesan 17.500Nathan Wilde
Whiting(All) Nicolas Holditch 0.3404 Angellina Kleinert
Trevally(All) Jack Kenny 12.400 India Biancucci
Bream (Acanthopagrusberda) Faith Sullivan 0.8405 Logan Miller
Sweetlip (Lethrinus Chrys)Daiman Kyle 3.7453 Keelah Ross
Barramundi Maddison Miller 2.8430Zac Zwyenburg
Javelinfish Or GrunterJack Hargrave 3.2723 Brett Matton
Red Emperor And Scarlet Luke Hawkins 8.6000 Shnayd Otto
Blue Tuskfish Danielle Pate 5.3540 Dean Simpson
Other Species Daiman Kyle 8.8450 Louwrens De Jager
Senior Champion Angler:Steve Holditch
Junior Champion Angler:Hayden Briggs
Heaviest Fish By Female Angler:Courtney Lea-Gardiner
Senior Lucky Weigh In Prize (Montes Reef Resort):Scott Foster
Senior Lucky Nomination Prize (Coral Cove Apartments):Alan Osullivan
Delacey Retravision Lucky Draw:Alisa Muller
Senior Boat:A. Brooks (Bowen)
Junior Boat:Cody Wagstaff (Pinnacle)
2 Junior Tagged Fish - not weighed in:Ashlee Colls
Winner (randomly picked by computer):Midaela Choice
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