Trout season open at least for stream fishers
  |  First Published: September 2012

As is usually the case, the Kiewa Valley and surrounding areas have been pretty quiet over the winter months.

Lake Dartmouth and Khancoban Pondage had been receiving the most fishing attention prior to the winter school holiday fish stockings at Mt Beauty Pondage, Allans Flat Waterhole and Upper Sandy Creek Dam. Once these waterways received their winter stocking of rainbow trout, many keen anglers, especially kids flocked to them and most people enjoyed some great fishing.

These waterways will all continue to produce rainbow trout well into September although probably on a smaller scale as a few fish have already been taken.

Saturday September 1 is the 2012 Victorian trout season opening and many keen anglers will be out there at first light with high anticipation of a great day fishing in water that has not seen a line for close to 3 months.

The Kiewa River itself will definitely be worth a try provided it is not flooded. I know it will be high because as I write this report there is close to a metre of snow on the mountain tops where the river begins its journey to the Murray. In this high water a lightly weighted bunch of worms will be ideal bait and should account for many fish on opening weekend.

Try drifting the worms into a quiet backwater. It does not have to be a large slow section of water. Even just a small pocket of slow water close to the bank will provide ample cover out of the fast current for trout to sit in and wait for food like a scrub worm to drift past. If the water is clear and the worms are not working try using bladed spinners with metallic blades.

I always find metallic blades work well in the higher rivers in early spring. Why this is I do not know. Perhaps it could be because it sends a shimmer of light through the high volume of water? For whatever reason, shiny bladed spinners have a good track record in early spring.

Across in the Mitta Mitta Valley it will be a similar story with keen enthused trout anglers pumped up ready to go. It is hard to anticipate the condition of the Mitta Mitta River this September as Lake Dartmouth is nudging 90% at the moment. If they have to let water go for flood mitigation purposes the river could be a raging torrent. If we do not get too much rain, and excess water releases are not needed, the Mitta Mitta River should be a great place to fish in September.

Anywhere from the Mitta Mitta township to Eskdale to will be worth heading to, and once again a lightly weighted bunch of worms will be a great technique to start with. Upstream of Mitta Mitta, the river should be relatively low and will be worthwhile trying at any time in September. Small minnows, soft plastics and bladed spinners should all work in this section of river which will should flowing at a more user friendly pace than surrounding rivers, provided the area does not receive too much rain during August.

Away from the trout there is really not a lot to report on at all during September. Areas of Lake Hume, and also Allans Flat waterhole may start to see the odd yellowbelly and redfin just start to become active, more-so towards the end of the month when the sun has just a little bit more kick in it and frosty mornings are becoming infrequent.

September waves the starting flag for all things fishing in North East Victoria, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to be bidding farewell to this long dull winter.

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