Blast the past in Series III
  |  First Published: October 2012

The Ultimate Fishing Show is set to return to Australian TV screens next month with Series III of the adventure fishing show that has taken the world by storm.

Series III goes up another gear in the onscreen action and Watson’s trademark humour and energy makes The Ultimate Fishing Show a deserved recipient of the name. The underwater action is stunning and tells the part of the story that is missing from so many other fishing shows. Viewers will see fish approach, nibble, attack or completely smash baits and lures in real time. It gives a unique insight for anglers, and a thrill to fishers and non-fishers alike.

Right out of the blocks viewers will be blown away as host Matt Watson goes toe-to-toe with a massive 300lb marlin from his surfboard. If an underwater view of a fired up marlin charging in and snatching a bait right next to the surfboard doesn’t do it for you, then what follows will!

Watson gets towed around the ocean by the rampaging fish. While the battle is ensuing, we get a live commentary of the action, tit bits about marlin and a few jokes are thrown in for good measure. All is going swimmingly until he’s towed into the path of a containership!

In this age of manufactured reality television with dubious outcomes, you would be forgiven for thinking that the containership was a jack-up. But when you see Matt and the crew making up the script and planning their next move, you soon realise these guys aren’t operating on a Hollywood budget, they’re just having a whale of a time and you can’t help but enjoy yourself with them.

The series has episodes filmed in the outer reaches of the Tahitian islands, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Alaska and New Zealand’s most exotic fishing locations. But far from relying on the location to carry the show, The Ultimate Fishing Show always sets a unique challenge and they always get their fish, often even bigger than they bargained for.

A classic standout episode is when Matt winds back the clock to follow in the footsteps of the early pioneer big game fishermen of the 1920s. Fishing aboard the Alma G, the boat used by famous American author and angler Zane Grey, Matt uses an antique fishing tackle once owned by Grey. To make it more authentic Matt even dresses in clothes from the era and uses only the technology available in the 1920s. An incredible marlin battle plays out, in the usual candid style, and the catch is an amazing account of history that deserves to be a part of the record in its own right.

Series III of The Ultimate Fishing Show will go to air on October 6 at 10.30am on the TurboMax channel on Foxtel. Keep an eye out on The Ultimate Fishing Show’s Facebook page and their website for news, information, competitions and more.

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