Crisp trout fishing
  |  First Published: April 2012

It’s the middle of autumn already, so those clean crisp mornings barking into the last of the sun are here and the fish are getting ready to do their thing

The Yarra is a favourite of mine, especially around Seville. Add to that Stringy Bark Creek, Wandin Yallock Creek, Woori Yallock Creek, the Don River and the Little Yarra and you can see that this is the time of year that all these little to medium creeks and river come alive.

Some anglers find it difficult to accept that small water can be a lot of fun –even more so if you put your walking boots on and get out there a start to explore this small pocket water .

This is water were you get 1-3 cast in to a pocket and then move on. Your Tassie Devil is far to big and heavy for this type of thing; this water where 2-3g is all the go. Size 0 in spinners or a 3cm Rapala and unweighted scrub worms cast up in to the pool and drifted through are the best shot.

Some creeks only have 60-90cm of water between the banks, so cast up into the middle and the fish will duck out from the bank and grab your lure or bait. This is a lot of fun.

The best lake in Yarra area over the last few mouths has been sugarloaf; there has been lots of good fish caught. The run of redfin and yellowbelly has keep terrific, just put a scrub worm under a float close to the bottom.

To do this you need to know how deep the bottom is, so get a float and put a sinker that pulls the float under the water and then adjust the float up until the depth is determined. Position the bait just of the bottom in the strike zone and away you go.

Some anglers will be content to cast spinners and blade lures into this deeper water, and while you may lose the odd lure, you will be able to cover a lot of water quickly and efficiently.

Chunky brown trout have been a feature of the Yarra Valley this season.

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