Bellfield redfin abundant
  |  First Published: April 2008

There has been plenty of fishing action in the Wimmera region over the last few weeks with a good variety of fish to be taken from a number of different waters. The standout waters to be fishing this month are Wimmera River around Horsham and Dimboola and Lake Bellfield near Halls Gap.

This is a great time of year to be fishing around here with more settled weather and milder days making it a pleasure to just be out there on the water.

Wimmera River

The fishing in the river has been very good at Dimboola for catfish, yellowbelly and a few large Murray cod. Baitfishing has been best with yabbies and worms fished around the snags in the evenings. Some good-sized yellowbelly are also being taken on lures and spinnerbaits in this area as well.

The river around Horsham has been fishing a bit slow during the day but in the late afternoons to well and truly after dark the river fishes very well, especially for the catfish and yellowbelly. I have been many of these along with the occasional redfin, silver perch and a few big carp. The best baits have been worms, yabbies and peeled yabby tail.

A few redfin and the occasional big yellowbelly are hitting lures and spinnerbaits cast around the snags in the riverside and big water areas. The river is now very low and the fish are doing it pretty tough so catch and release is the only sensible approach here if we want good fishing again in coming seasons.

Taylors lake

There have been some good fishing reports coming from here lately with many good-sized redfin being taken, along with a few nice yellowbelly to 2.7kg and a few small Murray cod to 55cm.

Bait fishing with worms, yabbies and gudgeon has been producing the best action whether from small boats or from the bank. The lake is now extremely low but the fish still seem to be doing very well here and are in great condition.

This lake has long held a reputation for being a bit fickle with some days the fish biting well only to shut down the next day for no apparent reason. On the days I find the fishing a bit quiet on the lake, the outlet channel is well worth a go and often saves the day. Good yellowbelly, redfin and the occasional Murray cod are often taken in the channel with bait and lures well worth a try here.

Rabl Park lake

This great little lake at Murtoa has been turning on some great fishing action with some whopping big catfish to 1.8kg, many small redfin with the occasional fish to 1kg and a few good-sized tench. Bait fishing with worms and peeled yabby tails has been best and good fish have been taken during the day but after dark it is best for the bigger catfish. Remember that all catfish caught from this water must be carefully released by law as they are only allowed to be taken from the Wimmera River. I personally think catfish should always be released, as they make poor eating anyway.

Glenelg river

The stretch of river at Cherrypool has been fishing well for small to medium redfin, which are easily caught on small lures and baits such as worms and yabbies. The best fishing has been early in the mornings. A few tench and river blackfish have been caught here as well. The redfin have been caught in good numbers at times, producing some very exciting fishing. On a recent trip back from Portland I stopped at Cherrypool to have a break from driving and after about half an hours fishing I had six nice eating-sized redfin in my bucket, all caught on a small rapala husky jerk.

The river below rocklands and at Fulhams has been fishing well for redfin in the evenings along with a few Australian bass being caught as well. Small lures cast from the bank have been working well here.

Lake Bellfield

The redfin have been biting very well here and easily caught on baits such as gudgeon and yabbies but lure fishing has been producing the best catches. Small tinnies with electric motors are the go here and trolling with small rapalas and spinners to find the schools of redfin have been working very well. The average redfin here is around the 200-600g mark but what they lack in size they make up for by being caught in good numbers. Some of the switched on local anglers have been taking up to forty redfin a day here which sure is a good feed of the best freshwater eating fish around.

The occasional bigger redfin does get caught here from time to time along with some very nice rainbow trout.

Anglers fishing for redfin are taking a few good trout but for the best trout catches here fly-fishing or baits of mudeye fished under bubble floats early in the morning or in the evenings is best.

The lake is presently very low but small boats can still be launched easily and the shoreline has some great bank fishing spots.

Lake Wartook

The fishing has been a little on and off here but when it has been on some very nice brown and rainbow trout have been taken along with a few redfin. The wall area continues to be the hot spot here with mudeye, peeled yabby tail and fly fishing producing a few nice trout. The rainbows have mostly been small but some good browns to 1.8kg have been caught recently. Due to low numbers of trout stocked here the last few years, you do have to work a bit harder than usual for results from this water but the extra time spent is usually well worth the effort when a large Wartook brown is thrashing on the end of your line.

The mornings and evenings have been producing the best fishing and as we head into winter the fishing should get better. The lake is very low but small boats can still be launched with care.

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