Cardwell Barra Bonanza Wash Up
  |  First Published: December 2011

How good is it to call this article ‘The Wash Up’ instead of ‘The Wipe Out’?

Some of you may realise that the original 2011 Barra Bonanza was due to be held on 4 February, the day after Cyclone Yasi and it’s a large amount of understatement to say the whole event was a wipe out.

Postponing the event was obvious, but to what date? It’s hard to call the shots when our clubhouse is damaged, everywhere else in Cardwell is damaged and suffering and the organisers had enough on their plates tending to their own personal dramas post cyclone!

In light of all this, may we say a huge thank you to all those competitors who hung in there with us, many of whom refused a refund, saying “Just let us know when you’re ready to try again,” and to the many, many sponsors who did so as well.

Instead of the opening of the barramundi season, the Club opted for the weekend just before the annual closure: the end of October and what a weekend it was!

Not only did the majority of the original competitors stick with us, but so many new ones came on board, brought their kids and turned the event into our biggest Barra Bonanza to date. It can only get bigger and better. As one angler put it, “It was important for us to support you guys this year, after what you’ve been through, and it was well worth it! We’ll be back.”

Sponsors were also overwhelmingly generous.

A total of 130 competitors vied for the longest combined length of a maximum two barra measured per day, plus the biggest salmon, javelin and mangrove jack each day, over the two day comp.

Thursday night saw the local P&C cater for the crowd, and they did a great job, thanks guys!

By Saturday night, there were plenty of tired but happy fishers at the presentation, but that didn’t stop everyone enjoying fantastic music from the live band Dr Jack and there were still a few diehards who were willing to get up and dance.

Congratulations to the Cardwell Sportfishing Club for a well organised and well run event. Not only did it inject some much-needed money and morale back into our town, but it also made us realise one important fact: Cyclone Yasi may have TRIED to blow us away – but the support we have received from competitors and our treasured sponsors really DID blown us away!



Champion MaleBill Cowe (Gotaway)2.75m
Champion FemaleAnnette Burns (No Nuts)1.39m
Champion JuniorLacey Wilcox (The Ratz)1.24m
Champion Team Team Gotaway7.35m
Champion Junior TeamThe Ratz
Barra WinnerBill Cowe (Gotaway)2.75m
Biggest SalmonWarren Ash (Breezer)1.34kg
Biggest Mangrove JackSteve Hart (Red Dogs)1.43kg

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