On the Golden Pond
  |  First Published: November 2011

This month when the water reaches over 16C the yellowbelly will come on the chew in big numbers and I can’t wait.

It will be very interesting to see this season will provide size wise. 2009 produced lots of fish with an average size of about 2-3kg. 2010 on the other hand for me was a total turn-around with not as many fish but a whole lot bigger fish average size of 5-6kg.

The interesting thing between the last two seasons was the method used to catch them. Last season the smaller fish were super aggressive on TN 50 + 60 Jackalls, Cultiva Mira Vibes and similar lipless crank baits.

2010 was a completely different type of style in order for me to catch them. The bigger fish were typically very lazy in comparison, with finesse style fishing down slow and deep on light 1/8 to 1/16 Nitro Jigheds and using the Berkley Black and Gold T-Tails, as well as Gulp 2½” shrimp in banana prawn.

I also found the finer leader material increased my bite rate substantially going down to 4lb trilene fluorocarbon but I found the heart rate went up when catching an 8kg fish on such light leader: awesome fun though.

So what will summer 2011 bring us at Lake Eildon with the lake close to full?

Having never fished Lake Eildon with the water this high before it is going to be new and exciting that’s for sure.

It is also going to be interesting on the trout side of things as the lake also as August slowed right down into September, with the fish so well fed I found it difficult to find the fish as I did many experienced guides I spoke to.

It also seems that the reddies just decided to stay on the chew right through winter, and the fishing has been first class with one amazing reddie from Eildon tipping the scales as 4.5kg (10.5lb): what a fish.

Sunday sessions with my two young blokes Fletcher and Bowen have been fun and very productive as well. With most punters going with scrubbies, The boys and I decided to use Gulp with green pumpkin and camo Turtleback worms shortened down about an inch or so: the reddies couldn’t get enough of them.


When they let the Goulburn go again is any ones guess with so much water getting released from Lake Hume into the Murray, but the Goulburn will be up and down like a yo-yo for a while that’s my guess anyway.

Perhaps stick to the Acheron and Rubicon rivers when they are clean and you will have a ball.


Earlier in the month it was fishing very well with fish up to 4kg coming out when the water level was consistently high, but as we all know when she’s up and down so much the fishing slows down substantially.

Trout are still on the agenda for Eildon anglers. Photo courtesy Steve Haughton.

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