On a Mission to Go Fishin’
  |  First Published: October 2011

I can’t remember the last time that there was such a huge buzz about freshwater fishing.

I believe a lot of anglers are now realising the water levels are here to stay for quite some time. In previous years as the summer season grows nearer, we expect the lake levels to diminish and the fishing becomes harder.

Well not this year! With so many lakes at 90% capacity or higher, the freshwater angler is rubbing his hands together with glee.

From the reports that I am receiving after the trout opening, it appears that the fish are healthy looking and in very good condition, so be ready for a fight on your hands when you hook up.

The Yarra around Upper Warburton appeared to be the most successful fishing spot along our area at the moment. Popular lures have been the Mepps Black Fury spinners, as well as Pontoon 21 hardbodied lures with the Salmon Roe coloured belly, also try the Monster Miki plastics, which imitate mudeyes.

The Warrandyte area has been good so far, with the more persistent anglers being rewarded with catches of medium size trout, mostly on scrubworms. From early December this part of the Yarra will pick up and really start to fire. Until then, my suggestion is to target the higher sections above Warburton, although the fish may be smaller than in the rivers around Eildon, you will be rewarded with frequent strikes providing plenty of action.

Sugarloaf continues to provide action on the redfin. Some Dandenong customers have been hitting the dam most Sundays throughout September with success coming from the mid-morning sessions using live yabbies on Shiner hooks.

The better method is with a ‘spot and drop’ retrieve. Let the yabby settle on the bottom for 20-60 seconds and then retrieve and drop him again. This will create movement and increase the interest of nearby fish.

This time of year is also great at Sugarloaf to start targeting the yellas. As a lure choice I would be using the Bassman Spinnerbaits in 3/4oz size or a small Mumbler, these lures are deadly on yellowbelly and you are sure to get some hot action.

If you’re taking the family for a quiet day don’t forget the scrubworms, bait one of these up while you are relaxing and you never know, don’t forget to back the drag off!

Areas that have been fishing well are Rowville and Lilydale lakes, which have been stocked with trout and are good fun all year round; the Yarra River is also producing good trout around Reserve Road in Wonga Park; also worth a try is Woori Yallock, which this is a very good area to cast small spinners as the river is narrow and there is a lot of shelter from where the fish will ambush your lure.

A must for freshwater fishing is a pair of good quality polarised sunglasses as these will improve your chances of sighting the fish and structure, therefore allowing you to target the correct area. If you are looking to buy yourself a pair, I would recommend going for a brown colour lens for freshwater. There are various brands and models available to choose from and you can buy a pair for as little as $40, my advice is to buy the best that you can afford, no serious angler would go fishing without them.

Had some success? Send me the details to; --e-mail address hidden-- Include a photo, anglers name, species, the area you were fishing.

Your photo will go into our draw for a chance to win you a $100.00 Tackle Voucher.

For up to date fishing information, both fresh and saltwater, contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Dandenong on 9794 9397 or drop in and see us at 209 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, or at our Ringwood Store at 92 Maroondah Hwy, – both stores are open 7 days a week. We offer plenty of top quality fresh bait, lures and a great selection of freshwater and saltwater gear.

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