Hard to choose which water
  |  First Published: September 2011

September is a great month to be fishing the Wimmera and Grampians region with slightly longer days and warmer temperatures creating more fish activity.

The trout and redfin fishing has been very good over the last few months and I would expect it to fire up even another more as we head into warmer spring conditions. The native fish such as yellowbelly, silver perch and catfish have been quiet, but should also start to fire up over the next few weeks as well. The biggest problem for anglers lately has been picking which lake to fish, as they have all been fishing so well.

Lake Wartook

This has been our most popular water over the last few weeks and still shows no sign of slowing down. Most anglers have been fishing for redfin and catching good numbers of 400-700g fish with the occasional better redfin to 1.3kg.

Trolling with small lures such as Rapalas, Stumpjumpers and Tilsan minnows has been most popular. Casting soft plastics at any structure such as rocks, reeds or timber has been working well too.

The trout fishing has also been excellent here with both browns and rainbows on offer. The average size trout has been around 1kg with the odd bigger brown to 2kg also being taken lately. The majority of trout are being taken trolling small minnow lures and Tassie Devils, particularly up the north end of the lake near the fire trail and shag rock.

I have been bait fishing for trout here a bit lately and doing well using mudeye under a bubble float while flicking a plastic around for redfin at the same time. Good bait fishing areas for me have been at the wall and the island.

Lake Fyans

The fishing hasn’t been quite as red hot here as at Wartook but the average trout and redfin are a lot larger here so it is a lake well worth trying out over the spring months. I have been fishing here a lot lately and taking good browns and rainbows to 2kg fishing mudeye under bubble floats.

The spring months usually produce some of the best mudeye fishing at this lake with both bug and ‘couta mudeyes doing well. Other anglers have been doing well fishing with Powerbait on a running sinker rig for the rainbows and scrubworms for both trout and redfin.

Trolling with Tassie Devils, spinners and Rapala Shad Raps has also been producing some good trout and redfin but the weed is a real nuisance most days. If the lake gets some good inflows and starts rising again the weed won’t be so bad, but I still change my treble hooks to singles here to pick up less weed.

Taylors Lake

The redfin fishing has been good here over the last few weeks and will get better as we head into spring. Most of the redfin here have been around 500g and are being taken in good numbers once you find a good patch of them.

Bait fishing from the shore or from boats has been working well with worms, yabbies and gudgeon doing the trick fished on the bottom in the timbered areas. Along with the redfin many carp are also being caught as well as the occasional yellowbelly to 1.5kg.

Lake Lonsdale

The redfin fishing is still going strong here with good fish being taken from the shore and from small boats. Trolling with Stumpjumpers and Rapala minnows has been working well. Casting soft plastics and vibes is also worth a go. The redfin are very good average size here, around 600-900g, but many bigger fish to 1.4kg are also being caught.

Bait fishing from the shore or drifting from a boat is also working well with gudgeon and yabbies fished on the bottom the baits to use.

Greenhill lake

I think this is the first time I have included this lake in one of my reports. Prior to the drought, Greenhill Lake was a great trophy brown trout fishery with many big trout in excess of 4kg being taken here. Now the water is back and the lake has been restocked things are looking very promising here once again.

A good number of very well conditioned rainbow trout and some browns to a bit over 1kg have been taken here lately with Tassie Devil lures, flyfishing and mudeye fished under a bubble float doing well. Good fishing can be had here either from the shore or from boats. It is a great little lake with excellent access and facilities, let’s hope the good fishing and conditions continue here.

Rocklands reservoir

There has been no shortage of good fishing reports coming from here with some excellent trout and redfin on offer. Most anglers have been trolling deep diving minnow lures and Tassie Devils amongst the timber at areas such as the wall, Brodies and at mountain dam. Casting soft plastics is also working well. Most of the redfin have been around 300-600g with a few bigger ones to 1.5kg being taken.

Both brown and rainbow trout are being caught in good numbers, mostly around 1kg but the odd bigger one to 2.5kg has been taken.

The wall area seems to be the hot spot for the trout with mudeye or minnow fished under a bubble float producing the best fishing.

Flyfishing and lure casting is also working well.

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