High water – High Fishing
  |  First Published: September 2011

With the lake hovering around 90% and hopefully warmer conditions arriving in September, things are looking absolutely perfect for spring fishing to go nuts this year.

It took longer than normal for the browns to come to the surface but they have been everywhere of late with fish from 500g right up to 4.5kg-plus fish being reported: all in extremely good condition and chock full of worms.

Once again white lures are still accounting for a lot of fish. I decided to pull out some old Gulp minnows in the smelt colour with a couple of packs being predominantly white. I also pimped up a couple of Berkley puppy dogs in plain white (wife’s nail polish) not very professional, but a bit of fun and the results were good on both fronts, with several good browns being taken on each.

The best fish was a tad over 1.5kg, but best of all they fought like demons.

There are still loads of redfin on the chew, with stacks of fish around 1-1.5kg and a report of a redfin that weighed in at 4.6kg: I am hoping to get a photo for the next issue.

The occasional sunny Sunday also brings out the father and son teams, which is great to see. I ran into workmate Mick Humphries, his son Brodie and good mate Dave Haleway at the Delatite arm on a treed point, bobbing for reddies with jigs and worms. The boys did well with eight keepers. But trolling home to the ramp Brodie’s lure got whacked by a 1kg brown – well done young fella!

I also met Simon Mosedale and his son Liam at the Fraser National Park boat ramp and the boys had a day out with some cracking redfin caught on scrub worms.

Recently I received some of the new Nanofil Spinning Line from Berkley and I wasn’t disappointed that’s for sure. The 4lb line is so much thinner than other line I use and it has zero memory, so no more wind knots. I was amazed at how much further I was able to cast. This line has almost no drag on the guides. Best I get some more and I suggest you do the same.


It’s been a bit hard of late with water levels going up and down like a yo-yo. Levels will continue to fluctuate as it seems they are trying to let out as much water of the lake as what’s coming in, which has been between 6-10,000ML per day.

This is a whole lot of water in the Goulburn for winter, and we are just about to head into the spring rain times as well.


This season is going to be very interesting to say the least, especially early in spring. With the predicted 5-10,000ML being released into the Goulburn over spring, it is going to make bank fishing in a lot of popular spots near on impossible.

However if you have a tinny and are a competent river boater the rewards could be huge.

If you haven’t boated on the Goulburn before, then be very careful, as it is a very dangerous river; it can flip you at the blink of an eye. If you’re not sure about something, don’t risk it.

On the bright side, when it all settles down the fishing should go right off so let’s see what the spring weather dishes up for us.

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