Quiet, Cold and Wet
  |  First Published: July 2011

This would have to be one of the hardest reports I have had to do in my short time at VFM. June saw the start of winter and the continuation of environmental flows in the Goulburn River.

I was hoping to get out as many times as possible during June to target some local crays but with the high fast flowing waters it was too dangerous and unappealing.

June and July are usually the quietest times fishing the local rivers but there always seems to be a car and a boat trailer at the local ramp during these colder times.

But with the high water level everyone seems to be either leaving the boat at home or heading to other locations.

I seemed to follow suit and decided to shift my focus on other fishing spots in our area.

The irrigation channels are always a sure thing when the rivers are not fishing well.

Catching a nice sized redfin on light tackle is a buzz, casting small lures in around the edges or at the deep drop offs is a good way to spend a couple of hours on a cold wintery day.

The only negative about heading to the channels is some have been emptied out, so your favourite spot may now be bone dry.

It doesn’t pay to get your heart set on one spot, so perhaps consistently move around.

If you have never really fished the channels one of my all time favourite spots is just near the Shepparton/Euroa road bridge. This is off the Midland Highway where the Pine Lodge pub is.

Kialla Lakes

With road works at one end, access to these lakes is a bit tricky if your favourite spot is close to the new development.

Young local fisho Daniel Wood has been reporting on the lakes for me lately but as I suspected, there hasn’t been much to report on.

Dirty water conditions are never the best out at Kialla and with water temperatures dropping its tricky to land a nice fish.

Hopefully in the next month we may see a few more reports coming in.

Until then good luck, you might just need it.

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