Eddy Lures Back in action
  |  First Published: April 2011

The popular Eddy Lure range has undergone some changes in the last five years and finally it has arrived in the capable hands of Jamie Harris, an accomplished lure maker from Tasmania who was immediately impressed with the range.

Jamie has kindly told us his story and given us a run down on the Eddy Lure models that are available from his website. I know that for me Eddy Lures bring back memories of chasing cod and goldens in outback NSW and I’ll be very keen to try some of the new range and colours when next I visit cod country. I am also looking forward to seeing how some of these lures go on barra and jacks, as well as flathead in my local digs around Moreton Bay.

Here are Jamie’s words:

Aussie made lures, don’t you just love them?

A couple of years ago I was approached by Nick Clarke, the owner of the Eddy Lures brand.

Nick was looking for a painter to rekindle the colour range he had with the models he was still running in the range.

Being the creator and manufacturer myself with my own range of gear at JD Lures I took on the work at the time as a supplementary side to my income. I wasn’t to realise at the time just how much I would come to admire this iconic range of lures.

As well as the painting side of things, Nick had me design him a new big model cod lure to add to the range.

We followed the shape and reputation on from the popular 80mm Dam Buster and built the new 120mm Codbuster, designed specifically to handle the biggest Murray cod.

Many of the models in the Eddy range had been let slip into obscurity due to a few factors and Nick was nearing retirement and was only running things as a hobby.

It was then that Nick mentioned he was thinking of retirement and was looking for a buyer to take over Eddy Lures.

The Eddy range was an instant fulfilment of lures that I was missing in my stable. An Iconic and well known brand and an ideal range for a plan I had been thinking about for a while.

This plan was to open an online store with a reputable Aussie brand of lures, selling direct to the public in a kind of boutique market.

As the Eddy brand had drifted a bit and a lot of the models had become almost impossible to get hold of, it was the ideal range to give life to my idea.

I’m pleased to say that a deal was struck, the business purchased and we now have the complete range of Eddy Lures totally overhauled and back on the market in more fantastic colours than has ever been seen since the brands creation.

Along with the 120mm Codbuster we have bought back the 80mm Dam Buster, 50mm Mini Buster, 60mm Wasp, both the 90mm Stinger and Stinger Deeps, the Surface Buster, 120mm Topenda, Magnum Wasp and the 40mm Lip Rippa.

It’s a nice feeling to bring a brand as nice as this back into full production and to see anglers catching fish and enjoying them again.

It’s a sad loss to all when any iconic Aussie brand disappears from production for one reason or another so hopefully anglers will be able to fish with and enjoy the Eddy range for many more years to come.

Just to give a quick insight into the range of Eddy Lures and what they will catch I have put together a short list of each model, how they perform and what they are designed to catch.

120mm Cod Buster.

The newest model in the Eddy range made specifically to suit the Murray cod fishing scene. This is a seriously tough lure and will comfortably handle the biggest cod on the block.

They are fitted with full bib to body wires, heavy duty VMC hooks and stainless rings and designed to be suitable for both casting and trolling. They will dive to 20 feet, have a lovely wide rolling action and good snag resistant properties.

80mm Dam Buster

Possibly the most well known lure in the Eddy range and an old favourite for many natives fishers.

Designed predominantly for natives such as Murray cod, golden perch they are also quite at home with bass and even flathead in the salt. Fantastic wide action with a dive capability of 20 feet.

50mm Mini Buster

The little brother in the Buster range, this lure is an ideal all rounder.

Deadly on bass, golden perch, redfin, small barra and even trout. It has a tighter wiggling, head down action and dives 10-12 feet.

60mm Wasp

Famous as a flathead lure with its neutral buoyant body, slender baitfish profile and tight action.

This lure is one of the best all round fish catching lures I have come across, taking bream, bass, flathead, golden perch, trout and many more. Dives to 12’ and is ideal for twitch and pause retrieve style fishing as well as all other methods.

120mm Topenda Barra

Predominantly a lure designed for barramundi but finds itself at home with most shallow water pelagic species. This is a very tough lure.

This lure has a nice baitfish like profile, tight action with good body roll and fitted with the traditional three hook spread. A shallow diver running to around 8’ the Topenda is good for tidal or impoundment barramundi fishing.

140mm Magnum Wasp

Designed for blue water trolling the Magnum Wasp is a good lure for most pelagic species like mackerel, tuna, trevally etc.

Will handle moderate to high speed trolling and dives to 20 feet. It lends itself well to trolling deep for barramundi as well.

90mm Surface Buster

A walk-the-dog style, pencil bait surface lure, the Surface Buster is well known for its bass catching ability and is also good on bream, whiting, and most top water feeders.

Stinger and Stinger Deep

The Stinger range of lures is another lure well suited to many species.

Both models are well known for their ability to catch barramundi but they are also very effective on Murray cod, golden perch, jacks and flathead.

They have a reputation as a bit of an ‘ugly duckling’ as far as fishing lures go but don’t let that deter you as both models are top fish catchers. Both models have a moderate to tight action with good body roll, the standard Stinger dives to 12 feet while the deep model will reach depths of up to 20 feet.

40mm Lip Rippa

My favourite in the Eddy range this versatile little lure will catch a wide array of species and is dynamite on trout, bass, bream, golden perch, sooties, redfin and more.

The lure has a quite wide action for a little minnow and a good suspending action so it can be retrieved with a twitch and pause for Bream etc with ease.

Great for trolling and casting both lake and stream for trout, the Lip Rippa dives to 8 feet.

Check them out

If you’re interested in the range of both Eddy and JD Lures you can check them out and purchase them online at www.jdlurestas.com and go to the online store link. With JD’s reputation as serious fish takers and the Eddy Lures’ reputation, there truly is something for everyone.


Lures available through JD Lures

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100mm Python Craw Series Crash Dive

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140mm Magnum Wasp

120mm Topenda Barra

120mm Cod Buster

80mm Dam Buster

90mm Stinger

90mm Stinger Deep

50mm Mini Buster

90 mm Surface Buster

60mm Wasp

40mm Lip Rippa

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