Counting down the days
  |  First Published: November 2008

There is some good news for the smaller rivers further north, with increased water flows into the Edward River being allocated around late October and November. These rivers will benefit from having a good flush of water to freshen them up.

The flush will and put some much-needed oxygen back into some of the holes that have had just a trickle of flow in recent times. The fish will have a smorgasbord of tucker with worms, frogs and insects being washed from the banks down into the system. Let’s just hope we can get these flushes through Summer when these suffering rivers really need them.

Wakool, EDWARD

There have been mixed reports from the Wakool as far as water levels go, with some saying there’s hardly enough water to float a boat and others having no dramas getting in and being able to move freely around. I suppose it all depends on which part of the river you’re fishing.

Anglers using small yabbies have stirred up the resident golden perch while spinnerbaits have also taken their share.

The water levels in the Edward have been a bit up and down in recent months, with a rise going through in late August. Things have started to settle down but with rising temperatures the golden perch should start to fire.

Scrubworms and yabbies are always top baits for the goldens and, with the water warming up, shrimp should become freely available. Fishing with a couple of shrimp and nightcrawler worms on your hook to make a ‘cocktail’ would have to be one of the most effective ways to catch a golden perch.

If you are fishing with shrimp on their own, put them on your hook facing each other so they nip their mate, making a bit of a commotion and hopefully attracting any fish close by.

My wife, two daughters and I spent a couple of days on the Edward River above Mathoura before the close of the cod season. The kids managed a few small cod, a couple of carp and one or two bust-offs on light gear.

All in all, the girls had a great time, out-fishing me again, but it was good to relax with a few cold beers. We can’t wait until the season opens to do it all again!

Goulburn, murray

From the Goulburn River come a few reports of golden perch being caught upstream of Stewarts Bridge and at the back of Wyuna.

All fish were caught on bait, with small yabbies bobbed amongst the timber being the most successful method. The water has still been a bit dirty but casting small hard-bodied lures and spinnerbaits is worth a try.

The recent school holidays saw many a mixed bag of fish being caught from around the campsites along the Murray River near Echuca.

The ever-reliable worm, whether it be a nightcrawler, garden worm or scrubworm, accounted for many golden perch and carp, along with a by-catch of the protected silver perch and undersized cod.

Even though some of these fish can’t be taken from the river, it’s good to see that the kids can come up on holidays, throw a line in and pick up a couple of fish.

It can sometimes be a little boring for the young ones if there’s not much action happening. Keeping them interested and having a bit of fun is half the battle.

It didn’t seem to matter whether you fished among the snags or straight out in the middle of the river, as long as there was bait in the water there was something nibbling at it.

The Murray River at Torrumbarry has been fishing fairly well for boat and bank anglers. Land-based bait soakers have caught and released many undersized cod, along with a few golden perch, using peeled yabby tails and scrubworms.

Only a handful of shrimp have been caught recently but this will change with warmer temperatures. The only problem with the hotter days is that they bring out the ski boats and the flies. I don’t know which are more annoying!

Casting spinnerbaits from the boat back into the timber has resulted in several good-sized golden perch being caught. Tossing your lure around the head of the tree (the skinny end!) and letting it flutter down should see you in the action. Orange and brown skirts have been successful.

Waranga Basin

The Basin has been a bit up and down, the wind making it difficult to safely fish this waterway. Small lures, worms and yabbies are all effective in this fishery.

Boat access shouldn’t be a problem as water levels are above 30%. Just pick your day, as it doesn’t take much for it to chop up.

The cod season isn’t too far away so there will be many toey anglers counting down the days.

For more information on what is biting around Echuca and Moama, drop into JT’s Fishing and Camping, Moama (opposite the Border Inn) or phone Justin on 03 5480 3868.

Young Holly McLeish is counting down the days until she can again target Murray cod like this one, caught in the Edward River before the season closed.

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