Swimming in sweet surface strikes
Jackson Bargenquast | July 2017

This keen eyed barracuda around 15kg followed the author’s stickbait all the way to the boat and then smashed it, followed by screaming runs.

A surface strike of a feeding fish is something that always seems to amaze us, whether it’s a bumper bass sipping an insect in the glare of the morning sun or a monster giant trevally exploding into a school of bonito on sunset. This is truly when we get to see the pure power and grace of how predatory fish feed.
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Every fish at its fullest
Jackson Bargenquast | June 2017

Georgie Bargenquast got amongst the pelagic action landing her first golden trevally and a metre queenfish.

The tropical waters of TNQ are one of the best examples of nature ‘on steroids.’ Everything alive is at its fullest. These fish-rich waters contain many different ecosystems that contain their own fish stocks and have their own successful ways of fishing.
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Winter is coming
Ryan Smith | June 2017

The author with a bream caught on an Atomic Crank 38.

Winter is starting to set in, which means cool westerly winds and crisp mornings are becoming the norm. Most fish will go deeper as it gets colder, so that means you have to change your tactics to suit the movement of the fish.
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The harder it pours, the more fish come aboard
Jackson Bargenquast | May 2017

There are still some big barra to be found like this impressive 85cm fish caught by Scott Gorman.

The wet season is still in full swing up here in the Cape and the fishing is still going off. The drains aren’t flowing as hard and the spawning time of most fish is over. The hot humid temperatures still result in explosive fishing. Offshore reefs, estuaries, beaches and even freshwater creeks are going off at the moment.
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Quest to find the hidden gem
Ryan Smith | May 2017

Jack Burling with a bass that couldn’t resist a 3” Keitech Easy Shiner.

Exploring the internet with resources such as Google Maps the night before a trip is something I have recently been doing with some surprising results. Small creek run-offs, lakes and drains are places I have been trekking to in search of some fish.
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Land-based run-off barra
Jackson Bargenquast | April 2017

Night fishing can be successful when chasing these awesome chrome bars. This fish was taken late at night on a Storm soft vibe worked over a mud flat. This is the author’s PB land-based barra at 76cm.

At any time of the year, the wild environment of Cape York always produces good numbers of fish. The species you catch and how and where you catch them can vary dramatically. This month I will be focusing on barramundi and the variety of other species that can be caught when chasing them. At this time of the year, barra fishing can be very successful. With all of the rain, why shouldn’t it be?
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Finley with his PB Bream of 32cm caught third cast.

It’s crazy to think that a third of the year has already passed. Time flies when you’re having fun. Talking of fun, on a recent trip I was assigned a task to get a good mate, Finley, onto some decent fish and thought, what better way to do it than throw small hardbodies in 2ft of water?
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Jayden Douma with a little queeny. These can be found in great numbers around the pylons.

Night time is when many predatory species of fish such as barra and salmon become much more active. While fish might hug the structure and ignore lures and baits during the day, once darkness falls they will begin to become active. Certain tactics that during the day seem to be quite useless often prove very effective by night. Knowing your tides and barometer can also help when chasing species such as barra and black jewfish.
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Having success in the shallows
Ryan Smith | March 2017

You can catch a couple squire in the shallows with the right tools and technique.

Many anglers say the shallows hold small fish or even no fish. However, you’d be surprised at what is lurking in water only a few feet deep.
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