Spinning the surf for salmon
Jarrod Day | July 2017

When casting into the surf, always find the gutter and concentrate your efforts there. That’s where the fish will be holding.

Catching Australian salmon might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when they are predominantly caught in winter along the surf beaches of Victoria. Each year before the onset of winter, huge schools of salmon make their way into our bays and inlets before heading out to infiltrate the surf zones.
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Yes, Murray cod are in the Yarra and are a lot more common than some may think!

‘Melbourne’s hidden fishing gem’?
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Getting to the point on hook choice
Jarrod Day | June 2017

Octopus and octopus circle hooks are the most commonly used hooks for snapper. Octopus circles always hook the corner of the jaw for a cleaner more solid hook set.

Hooks are a crucial part of fishing equipment and, quite frankly, without them you wouldn’t be going home with a feed of fish.
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EP stands for more than estuary perch
Brett Geddes | June 2017

Around 80% of the author’s EPs are taken on soft plastics and 90-100mm shads or grubs work a treat.

When talking about EPs even my closest fishing buddies call me sneaky, deceitful, and swampy, and for good reason. Actually they call me a lot worse and I love it! You see, it’s all about finding the perch, catching the hell out of them and not saying where. Then you share photos with dodgy background clues!
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Taming the mighty Tyers
Jarrod Day | May 2017

Bream are abundant throughout Lake Tyers and are a willing lure taker.

Situated around 3.5 hours drive east of Melbourne, Lake Tyers is a quaint little town, boasting some amazing fishing.
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The big bass bite back
Brett Geddes | May 2017

Joel Petzke has unlocked many local bass secrets and he prefers big heavy spinnerbaits.

“I’m convinced that this liberation of bass is the greatest stocking success of native fish we have ever seen in this state.” This is what I said during my recent conversation with Gippsland’s Senior Fisheries Officer Errol Parmigiani. He agreed and told me about the countless number of bass caught in rivers, creeks or dams over the past few years. Victoria is now on its way to being a bass fishery that may one day challenge states north of the border.
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Welcome to Lakes Entrance
Peter Jung | May 2017

Gippsland Lakes are a huge body of water and there is no better way to check it out and learn more about the area than on one of the cruises available.

The East Gippsland Lakes system is the largest lakes system in Australia and its final destination before entering the Pacific Ocean is Lakes Entrance.
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Spoilt for choice offshore!
Tony Kemna | May 2017

Makos will often make an appearance once you’re out of the bar, so ensure you’re prepared with a big bait rigged on wire!

Although the Gippsland Lakes system is huge, with fishing options around every corner, the true anglers’ paradise can be found through the Lakes Entrance Bar. Bread and butter species such as snapper, gummy sharks and flathead are all within easy reach of the entrance with pelagic species like kingfish, mako sharks and marlin seasonally available on the outer grounds. Add to that the broadbill swordfish fishery and the deep water species like blue eye trevalla and ling, and it’s easy to see we are spoilt for choice.
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Lakes Entrance spotlight
Steven Pryke | May 2017

Lakes Entrance has options to suit almost any type of fishing.

The seaside town of Lakes Entrance is located 3.5 hours’ drive east of Melbourne, and while small, this village offers a wide variety of activities and accommodation.
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