Squid city central
Adam Ring | July 2017

Andrew Ketelaar and 7.5kg of winter snapper.

We are well into winter and, boy, the calamari have decided that this is their time to shine. The amount of squid reports over the last month has been nothing short of insane! They really provide a legitimate target when everything else winds down for the cooler months.
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Fishing sessions are short and sweet
Lee Rayner | July 2017

Now is a great time to get into some calamari.

With cold water and cold, short days the bay is still offering some great fishing options for July. Over the coming weeks it really becomes a matter of getting onto the fish when the weather allows you to get on the water. While the timeframes may be a bit more limiting, on the upside the short sessions in the good weather windows tend to produce great fishing.
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Be prepared to face the cold
Craig Edmonds | July 2017

Calamari will get better just in time for the snapper season.

Winter time on Phillip Island means extra jumpers, the occasional need for a rain coat and a little bit of thought when it comes to your fishing. It also requires a change to how you fish. Look more at the tides and wind direction. It’s colder at this time of the year and no one wants to be standing on a beach or sitting in a boat for hours, so concentrate more on that hour or two before and after the tides.
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Excellent squid are around.
Wayne Friebe | July 2017

Land-based and boat anglers have been enjoying excellent squid fishing over the last month. The rocky shores from Mornington to Safety Beach have been especially productive.

The cold and dull days of winter that seemed so far away for so long, especially over the past few months, have well and truly set in on the bay.
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Winter storms may brew over Bass Strait, but that doesn’t deter the salmon from biting at Cape Woolamai.

Despite the wintery blast we have been blanketed with these past few weeks, there has been no chance of the fishing slowing up. The surf fishing scene has well and truly kicked into high gear now with salmon invading the surf beaches right along the coast from Phillip Island to the Ninety Mile Beach.
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Winter is on but the fishing is hot
Jarrod Day | June 2017

Chris Cassar headed out with Shane Stuart to land some quality whiting.

It feels a lot like winter has set in already. Not to discourage anglers from heading out for a weekend fish, but the sudden cold snap early last month really put things into perspective for the coming months.
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Steve with a quality calamari caught from his kayak one evening.

It would appear that the autumn fishing, like the weather this season, is late with some of the best fishing conditions over the recent weeks. Fine weather, school holidays and public holidays usually mean one thing – plenty of kids fishing. That has certainly been the case. Over this period dad becomes the bait man and of course the pocket money ATM, but it’s money well spent.
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Cold on the bay, but still biting
Wayne Friebe | June 2017

Andrew Cox with a very solid gummy shark from a recent offshore session. Expect the great fishing for gummies to continue through the winter, especially in the south of the bay.

The prolonged warm and settled weather we all enjoyed for the first few months of the year is all a distant memory now. We have moved into the cold weather patterns and into winter.
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Chilling out with squid and pinkies
Lee Rayner | June 2017

After a slow start and some colour changes, Laura and Amelia managed a great bag with some bigger models mixed in off Portarlington. There definitely seems to be plenty of squid around at the moment, both locally and down the southern end of the bay.

We’re into winter now with that icy chill on even the slightest of winds, not to mention the nasty way a strong blow cuts straight through you. In between the chills there has been some really good weather thrown our way. That’s the joy of living in Melbourne; you never get sick of the weather because it changes so much that you never get a chance to get sick of it.
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