Snapper are everywhere in PPB
Wayne Friebe | December 2016

Much of the unsettled and unpredictable weather patterns that were a big factor in the early months of spring have continued for the past month on the bay. Small windows of fishable conditions have prevailed once again, providing boat anglers with limited opportunities. Conversely, dedicated land-based anglers have had the advantage. Expect this pattern to change as we move properly into the warmer months, and the unpredictable and changing winds become less of a factor for the bay’s anglers.
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Late start to the warm season
Lee Rayner | December 2016

After a cold October and cooler water tempertaures than the norm for the start of November, the past weeks seemed more like early spring, but when the fish turned on, the quality of snapper caught was nothing short of sensational. Many anglers found fish in the 7-9kg size and more than just the occasional fish over 9kg.
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Jumbo snapper for Christmas
Adam Ring | December 2016

What a time to be a snapper fisher! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a very testing season for most fishers so far – the weather has been absolutely horrible, the fresh water running into the port from all of the rain has got water temperatures all over the place and it’s been far from warm and comfortable, but the size of the snapper coming in has been exceptional!
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Summer snapper score!
Neil Slater | December 2016

Hungry snapper are in the region, so get stuck into them!

A big hello to anyone holidaying around Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast. I hope you can find a fish or three!
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Dasher, Dancer, snapper, Prancer, Vixen
Andy Smith | December 2016

Fine weather, plenty of food and warm water hve fired up quality snapper in a big way along the northern and western aspects of Port Phillip Bay. While the traditional snapper season has been slow to start, due to our late, wet and windy winter, it’s all behind us now and the fishing is magnificent! The prime areas have been consistent from Point Cook all the way through to Hobsons Bay and some serious fish are about.
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Snapper rage on in Western Port
John Dalla Rosa | December 2016

An 11.86kg whopper, which was the heaviest snapper weighed in at the Tea Tree Snapper Competition.

Global warming or climate change? That’s the question I keep asking myself. After the crazy weather that we’ve just gone through over the past few months, who knows?
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I think it’s fair to say that the snapper switch has been flicked. Reports are coming in thick and fast. Pin pointing a prime location to fish at this time of the month is challenging. There are fish being caught right throughout the Port but of all the locations, the most consistent areas are the North Arm and in particular just off the edge of the Middle Spit.
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Springtime red-emption
Wayne Friebe | November 2016

Jim ‘Uncle Ron’ Xyga holds a ripper early season red taken fishing a soft plastic close to the inshore reef, which was estimated at over 6kg in weight.

Even though I reported with much pleasure that, spring had definitely arrived in last month’s VFM, the weather treatment authority has certainly handed out a few timely reminders of the past over the last month for anglers on PPB.
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Big abundant snapper month
Lee Rayner | November 2016

Simon Murnane with a couple of snapper caught in 5m of water north of Corinella. While fishing the incoming tide with yakka and squid, Simon and his brother caught five solid fish and released a few fish as well.

Awful weather smashed us during October, but in between the bad there’s been plenty of good. Exceptional snapper have been taken over the past weeks, with multiple fish over 10kg in weight. Interestingly, the ones I’ve seen have been taken by land-based anglers.
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