Abbey Hood with her first ever whiting, caught recently out from Rosebud Reef.

Warm, mild and mostly consistent weather has continued on the south of the bay. Over the early parts of last month, we had our first extended period of hot weather for the season. This always tends to fire up the action in close to shore especially, bringing bait, forage fish and of course hungry predators along with them. Stay tuned for more reports over the next couple of months – I reckon we are in for our best fishing of the season so far.
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Fish coming and going in cooler water
Lee Rayner | April 2017

A bit of rain didn’t stop this angler getting a cracker of a bag of big whiting and she clobbered them.

Shorter days and cooler water doesn’t mean that the fishing will slow down over the coming weeks. In fact, this is quite possibly one of the best times of the year to get into an assortment of species. April often tends the be the month that produces some of the bigger fish that are either arriving for winter or getting ready to leave the bay for the winter.
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April is all about the whiting
Adam Ring | April 2017

Ash McMillan and one of his cracker land-based gummies.

It’s taken a little while, but the whiting have gone bananas! It’s been a patchy season on these fish, but the last month has seen a definite increase in catch rates. As the warmth of summer continues to hang on, I would say that there is plenty left in the tank and these reports should continue for a little while yet.
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Cooler weather bringing new species on
Neil Slater | April 2017

Xavier heaves a carp up for the camera he caught on the “Come and Try Fishing Day” at McLeod’s Waterhole, Clifton Springs.

Last month will be a tough act to follow. As we ease into the cooler months, expect some species like kingfish and snapper to taper off while other species such as bream, King George whiting, Australian salmon and maybe even southern bluefin tuna in Bass Strait and the Surf Coast could provide opportunities.
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Fish are finally back on the chew
Craig Edmonds | April 2017

Mitch with a whiting of the typical good quality caught this season.

Despite the pre-Christmas weather not playing its part, the fish being caught when conditions allowed were excellent in quality and number – the best we have seen over the last 10 years. Everybody had fingers-crossed that the fishing would continue once the weather improved through the summer and it did, at least for the first few weeks of January.
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Western Port has it all
Jarrod Day | March 2017

Johnny Zhu with one of Western Port’s finest.

I was in conversation with a friend not so long ago and the question was asked, why would you want to travel to another state to go fishing? A fair question. I actually didn’t have an answer to it, considering the last month or so we’ve had barramundi, Murray cod, southern bluefin tuna, kingfish, snapper, whiting, calamari, flathead, garfish, bream, perch, Australian bass, mako sharks, gummy sharks and this month should see the first signs of billfish caught.
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March on with mixed bags
Wayne Friebe | March 2017

Andrew ‘Joffa’ Wallace with a prime 40cm+ whiting from a recent productive session in close.

Warm and mostly settled conditions have prevailed once again on the bay over the past month, and while we haven’t had the extended warm periods of weather we are used to at this time of year so far, many of the fishing patterns and angler trends have been true to the norm.
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Getting your kingfish on the side
Lee Rayner | March 2017

Mitch and Chris were out having a field day on and a morning kings session. The boys couldn’t even keep a bait in the water without getting bit!

Good weather and great fishing are what it’s all about this month. If the past weeks are anything to go by, March is going to be a winner with lots of options on hand in this part of the bay. The other great thing about March is it’s often the month that sees anglers in a prime time to target kingfish in the shallows. Best of all, it can be done in the same locations and at the same time as you are chasing other species.
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Welcome to Whiting City
Adam Ring | March 2017

Young Ruby with her catch of Top End whiting.

It took longer than expected but the whiting have finally gone completely nuts! The weather has continued to be extremely kind, which has made a huge difference. Amongst the whiting, some big gummies are still on the move and the reports of a few elephants have started to filter through.
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