Codzilla back on the market
Darcy Scherger | December 2016

As the rivers are still extremely high and dirty at Mildura and cod opening is now upon us, it’s going to be hard work for the lure anglers amongst us within the Murray River.
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Summer rainy, summer cod crazy
Robbie Alexander | December 2016

All winter and spring I’ve been writing about the rain in my fishing reports. Early in October and without warning, the rain stopped. It stopped dead – we’ve barely had a drop since I typed my last report. This is fantastic news for us anglers, because the early to mid spring rainfall has provided fantastic Murray cod spawning conditions with the floodwater, but the floodwater should subside in time for the opening of the Murray cod season.
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The wait is finally over and cod season is here. We’ve had a funny spring and didn’t get our usual sudden heat wave. In 2015, we had bushfires in the spring. This year we had plenty of flooding, both minor and major in certain areas. The long-range weather forecast looks perfect for settled rivers to fish cod opening.
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Red rampage wrapping up
Jarrod Day | December 2016

Local angler Matt Catterson with a solid calamari caught from the weedy banks around the Port.

If a child can lay face down on a supermarket floor throwing a temper tantrum and get away with it, then surely a grown adult like myself can throw a total flip out due to the constant weather battering the state.
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Some are in, salmon aren’t
Wayne Diffey | December 2016

This past month hasn’t seen much improvement in the weather. There’s still a lot of rain, meaning a decent run off into the ocean and some pretty dirty water in close. This is possibly the reason that salmon are still sparse.
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Snapper are everywhere in PPB
Wayne Friebe | December 2016

Much of the unsettled and unpredictable weather patterns that were a big factor in the early months of spring have continued for the past month on the bay. Small windows of fishable conditions have prevailed once again, providing boat anglers with limited opportunities. Conversely, dedicated land-based anglers have had the advantage. Expect this pattern to change as we move properly into the warmer months, and the unpredictable and changing winds become less of a factor for the bay’s anglers.
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Gippy firing for holiday season
Brett Geddes | December 2016

.Justin Dingwall keeps hooking big bream and one of his favourite lures is a black vibe.

December is the month when we welcome warmer weather and anglers start to get very busy. It’s with good reason too, because the bigger bream are now feeding in the shallows along with some large hungry flathead.
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High hopes for river fishing
Mark Gercovich | December 2016

Solid king George whiting are a popular December target.

December can be a great month for anglers in the South West. The waters warm, the holiday-makers haven’t arrived yet, and the fishing can be red-hot if conditions align.
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Summer, you little ripper
Kelly Hunt | December 2016

Early season mako can be small, but no less tasty.

December’s here again. There are two things to be happy about this month – Santa’s coming and the good weather is finally upon us. We can chat about Santa later, for now let’s praise the weather gods and see what we can get up to. The wet months have well and truly passed us by. Animals in pairs and old men with super long grey beards can relax... the giant wooden boat cruise is cancelled.
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