Delaying Mildura
Darcy Scherger | December 2016

As the long-awaited cod opening is now here, many cod anglers throughout Victoria have been and completed their fishing trips throughout the state, chasing the amazing Murray cod.
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Cod action reaches boiling point
Robbie Alexander | December 2016

Will O’Connor with a small Murray cod that he caught on a custom made surface lure, made by his very talented friend Tom Rochow. You can find Toms incredible craftsmanship on Facebook at ‘Rochows Handmade Lures’.

January in the Wangaratta area is usually all about Murray cod fishing for most anglers. Many anglers will travel to target redfin, trout and yellowbelly, but here in town it is the Murray cod that lure anglers to the water’s edge.
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Lakes bound to heat up
Nick Brown | December 2016

James Dainton with a solid cod caught on a locally designed Balista Lure.

Summer is well and truly here. We were lucky that our spring was cooler and wet. The weather has been hot and is predicted to be very dry and very hot in January. This isn’t a bad thing, as we will get a nice steady water level and hopefully this means clearer waters to chase big natives.
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A new year, a new beginning
Jarrod Day | December 2016

Shaun Furtiere and his mate Robert Coillet had a blinder of a session fishing the North Arm.

Despite the dismal start to snapper fishing on the Port, things are finally on the improve. By mid November the water temperature lifted enough to get the fish more on the bite than previous weeks, and as quick as they were on the bit, they were off, and heading back out offshore to end their spawning cycle for yet another year.
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Get your rigs and baits – summer awaits
Wayne Diffey | December 2016

Local river black bream are on the cards this month.

Finally we’re seeing an improvement in the weather, fishing-wise that is. We’ve seen a bit more activity off the beaches with the salmon and reports of reasonable catches of up to 2kg, with the odd bigger one. Blue bait or squid are the most common baits, using a paternoster rig, single or double. Many fishos like to use a double paternoster rig, with bait on the bottom hook and a surf popper on the top dropper.
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Snapper are sticking around for summer
Wayne Friebe | December 2016

Kayak and boat anglers using lures have had a lot of success on the good numbers of lingering snapper.

Mild weather has continued for the most part over the last month in the bay. We still haven’t had the hot days that we are used to at this time of year. We all know this can change pretty quickly, and soon we’ll all be whining that the weather is too hot.
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Summer fun in the Gippy Lakes
Brett Geddes | December 2016

This flounder was a surprise catch on a Sting 37 blade lure made by Hurricane in the red devil colour.

You have to love the sting of the hot summer sun – for the Gippy Lakes, it means flathead time has arrived and the prawns are back on the menu. There are pinkie snapper, luderick, tailor, trevally, flounder and hopefully big kingfish to play with again. The real highlight is the excellent lure fishing for bream. It’s a very busy time of year and I’ve got plenty to report on.
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On the chase and on the chew
Mark Gercovich | December 2016

This big smiling salmon couldn’t resist a chew.

Spring was a non-event weatherwise, so hopefully we get a long hot flat summer so anglers can make the most some of the excellent fishing available this time of year.
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Tasmanian break – time to get reel!
Kelly Hunt | December 2016

Nathan Williams found a stonking gummy at Montague.

It beggars belief, but another year is done and dusted – poof, gone! It’s January and a new year means 12 months’ worth of holidays saved up. Hopefully now you can take some. This month is about getaways and shack life. The weather has improved dramatically and the daylight hours are long. These are perfect conditions. It’s time to get away and enjoy some coastal fishing and a slower pace for a while.
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