River flows are high
Darcy Scherger | November 2016

With river levels high with a fast flowing pool here in the Mildura region, water continues to be dirty and makes it hard for the local lure fishers. The dirty water has managed to stay around, but there have been several good reports in some locations around Mildura with the odd fantastic golden perch.
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Stocking mishap brings smiles
Robbie Alexander | November 2016

Ryan Brockwell was very excited to have the opportunity to go fishing in Merriwa Park during the spring school holidays recently.

Rain has drenched North East Victoria (and the rest of the state) throughout September, leading to widespread flooding. This is short-term pain for long-term gain in the Ovens River catchment.
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Rivers turned into washing machines
Nick Brown | November 2016

Kaleb Oxley with a nice redfin from Craigmuir Lake.

This has been one of the hardest months to report on in our region. The wet winter has rolled over into a very wet spring, and in early October the local Broken and Goulburn rivers have been hovering around the minor flood level and on some occasions, bursting their banks and overflowing into some of the local streets.
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I think it’s fair to say that the snapper switch has been flicked. Reports are coming in thick and fast. Pin pointing a prime location to fish at this time of the month is challenging. There are fish being caught right throughout the Port but of all the locations, the most consistent areas are the North Arm and in particular just off the edge of the Middle Spit.
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Springtime red-emption
Wayne Friebe | November 2016

Jim ‘Uncle Ron’ Xyga holds a ripper early season red taken fishing a soft plastic close to the inshore reef, which was estimated at over 6kg in weight.

Even though I reported with much pleasure that, spring had definitely arrived in last month’s VFM, the weather treatment authority has certainly handed out a few timely reminders of the past over the last month for anglers on PPB.
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Mind-boggling big bream bonanza
Brett Geddes | November 2016

In all the years of writing for this magazine starting way back in the first 2004 issue, this report is number 142 on the Gippy Lakes and possibly the most awe-inspiring. I won’t contain my excitement and I’m going to let rip in a big way! I wish I could dream up new words to convey the astounding catch of bream recently for bait and lure anglers – thrilling, breathtaking, rousing, jolting or shocking! To me, these descriptors just don’t cut it. I’ll let the facts do the talking.
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Big fish options despite the floods
Mark Gercovich | November 2016

The best thing about fishing South West Victoria is the massive variety of angling options available across the course of the year. This has proved to be the case recently as, even with serious flood waters affecting all local rivers, there has been some first class angling. A series of significant rain events during September put all the local waterways in high flood with plumes of dirty water extending well out to sea.
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Waterways start livening up
Chris Hall | November 2016

It’s a lot of fun chasing bream from a kayak. A Duo jerkbait was the undoing of this fish.

The fishing has been pretty good over the past month. There are still bluefin over 100kg being taken between Lawrence Rocks and Cape Bridgewater in depths of 60-80m. One of the best lures has been the Bluedog BabyJ.
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Laked and loaded with water
Andy McCarthy | November 2016

Weather patterns are all over the place right across the country with wide spread flooding and lakes spilling over their walls. Its almost bittersweet – great to see our lakes filling, heartbreaking for our farmers when it all hits at once.
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