Barra on the menu in cooling waters
Keith Day | April 2017

Mackay’s dams are thick with barra and Geoff Newby was very pleased with this healthy fish taken slow rolling a black and gold Squidgy out from a small point.

Although officially Autumn began on 1 March, our hot, humid wet season really doesn’t start to cool off until April, and of course that change of seasons and conditions heralds in new angling challenges and opportunities.
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Getting the edge with fresh squid
Luke Griffiths | April 2017

Mikaila Norman fooled this nice nannygai with a fresh squid bait.

April can be a bit of a funny month as we usually see a noticeable change in the weather. It marks the trend of the temperatures dropping, and weather slowly morphing into our cooler month patterns.
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Cooler waters will bring plenty of action
Lynton Heffer | April 2017

‘Sharkey’ Shane Down with a rare 2.4m shark ray caught off Four Mile Beach.

The foundations have been laid for a good fishing period ahead. As the wet season progressed we saw some heavy rainfalls in Far North Queensland – the catalyst for creating new marine life and rich food sources to enjoyed by our local fish species both inshore and offshore. This has been evident by the amount of bait life seen along our beaches and foreshore.
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More grunt!
Dave Hodge | April 2017

On those gloomy and windy days when the enthusiasm levels cop a battering, casting surface stuff in the fresh water reaches of the Ross can give you that buzz we all seek.

The last month has been the best grunter fishing I’ve seen in the whole time I’ve lived in Townsville, and we are getting consistent results on lures every time we decide to chase them.
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Greg Willems from Brissy came for a visit and land this 99cm salty.

Once again, it doesn’t look like our wet season is going to be too aggressive. From Townsville north, things have been very average, but south of Townsville right down the coast the rainfall has been below average.
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Dreamy weather is getting hopes high
Tim O’reilly | April 2017

The jacks continue biting throughout the night, even in warmer months.

Nearing the end of Cape York’s wet season, anglers can only hope for a continuation of the great weather experienced throughout February and March. After a season that was meant to be above average for cyclones, calm conditions offshore have led to some great fishing on both sides of the Cape.
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Paul Ulcoq with a trophy metre barra taken along the headlands recently.

The temperatures, both air and water, should start to ease this month, bringing much needed relief from the heat. The fish will be as happy about it as the humans, so expect things to start to become more active on the piscatorial front.
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Bring on some consistency
Jeff Wilton | April 2017

ZMan SwimmerZ will often land you success.

After a few months of very hot and cold fishing here in Lucinda, April should bring some stability. The last few months have been very heavily dictated by the weather. But April is usually not a bad month, with lighter winds and clear skies – we can always hope.
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Barra is on the menu
Mark Bargenquast | March 2017

Plenty of barra are around with the fresh run-off.

The wet season is well and truly in full swing and with the barra season open, it’s game on! The big influx of freshwater has really got the prawns moving and following close behind are the barras and threadies. The Mission and Pine rivers are really firing well with the bottom of the run out the best time as usual. The high tide has been producing some hot action along the mangrove edges as well.
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