Mackeral Christmas and a snapper New Year
Keith Day | December 2016

Matt Trott successfully worked a small rock bar to score this nice mangrove jack in Constant Creek.

December in Mackay is hot, humid and a great time to be on the water! There’s a great variety of species and spots. December is a good time for early morning starts for a few hours of fishing, and night fishing can be very enjoyable and productive with no baking in the hot sun.
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Last minute Christmas sportfishing
Luke Griffiths | December 2016

Luke and Matteo with a beaut marlin. There’s plenty of cracker sportfish to get into before Christmas, and after!

This year has come and gone. We’re in the final stages and Christmas is only a few weeks away. People are already in beast mode, giving the bank cards a flogging. If you’re like me, you’ll wait until Christmas Eve to do all the shopping. As we wind up to the silly season, one thing is for certain, it’s going to get hot. This is a good reminder to look after yourselves and others by taking plenty of water, less beer, sunscreen and shade if you intend on heading outdoors this month.
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The consistent fish for consistent fishers
Lynton Heffer | December 2016

Dragon Lady Charters cutting the leader on an estimated 1000lb fish at the boat.

With a slow build up to the big black marlin season, things started to gather pace towards the end of October and early November. The bite further north along the Ribbon Reefs was starting to wane, so a lot of the fleet ventured back south to the grounds of St Crispins, Agincourt, Opal Ridge and the famous Linden Bank.
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Choose the right gear to suit your fishing
Dave Hodge | December 2016

A close up of the lure doing damage right now.

The fishing has really started to pick up over the last couple of weeks. Even though the weather has been lumpy for smaller boats, it’s been good enough for more regular outings. The offshore fishing has produced great sessions on trout and reds, and the redthroat have really kicked into gear now. Cuttlefish have been the number one bait – this thicker and tougher flesh is great for when the pickers are around. The smaller models are a great bait for big reds whole, and two hooked...
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Easterly winds? Barra humbug!
Ryan Moody | December 2016

Lisa with her first metre barra.

Fishing has been slow recently, just like when the barra fishing should have gone crazy, but didn’t. The cold water has been a big issue and the temperature in inshore open waters has been 5°C below normal, which has sent the barra into erratic behaviour. I’ve never seen water this cold around this month. We can only hope it warms up again and very soon. The late temperature rise has stalled the arrival of big golden snapper schools and threadfin.
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A beautiful red landed on the Elizabeth EII.

By this time of year, there’s dry cracking earth in way too many Cape York river beds. Waterways are at their most stagnant for the year. Lagoons and billabongs have shrunk by more than half their wet season girth.
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Santa’s endless mixed bag of species
Ben Stack | December 2016

Brody Salder with a nice barra he entered in Cooktown's Sovereign Hotel Barra Competition.

The New Year in the tropics means great fishing on the reefs, in the bays and up the rivers. Wherever you choose to go, pack plenty of extra water and find shade, because it gets hot. When you pack, keep a close eye on the weather forecasts, because an odd storm can pass over and dump a lot of rain in a short amount of time. If this happens, the roads will become very greasy and slippery. You might need a couple of extra days to get out of some locations while you wait for the flooded causeways to recede.
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Lucinda Christmas wishlist
Jeff Wilton | December 2016

The ZMan Turbo CrawZ are fun to fish for jacks.

The December craziness is here. For most, it means life can be pretty busy and finding time to go fishing gets trickier. Lucky for us, Lucinda offers so many wonderful fishing options. There are a few things you can guarantee tropical North Queensland will throw at you in December – lots of heat, insane storms and epic fishing.
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Forget about fishing office hours
Garry Smith | December 2016

Trevally can often dominate the action at the reef this month.

December usually heralds the build-up to the wet season and here’s hoping we actually get one this summer. Typically, the weather will be a combination of hot, calm days, storms and sudden downpours. Whichever one dominates will significantly impact the fishing.
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