Great time to chase flathead
Grayson Fong | April 2017

Josh Gollan with some solid Peninsula bream.

What a blistering first quarter of the year we have had! With temperatures crushing the history books, our heads are all turned to what the rest of the year will bring us climatically.
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Not much has changed with late season runs
John Gooding | April 2017

A quality snapper caught floatlining in shallow water.

Nothing has changed as far as the pelagics are concerned. They are still playing hardball. There’s been a few Spanish mackerel caught on the coffee rock along Moreton Island, but Point Lookout has been very erratic and the lack of tinnies trolling the area is a giveaway. There’s not a lot happening.
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Longtails leading the charge
Nabeel Issa | April 2017

Sam Bateman with his first ever longtail tuna. This fish took one of the author’s Sweepshot Stickbaits slowly worked through some aggressively feeding fish.

Snapper and grassy sweetlip have been in good numbers over the shallow reefs around Peel Island and Wellington Point. Look for the reef drop-offs and throw lightly-weighted soft plastics to the edges. ZMan Slim SwimZ and the new 65mm Cranka Crabs have been the stand-outs.
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The fun run in the sun
Damian Parker | April 2017

Andrew with a Spanish mackerel caught from Caloundra wide.

Our run in the sun continues and it’s only heating up across the coast. Mackerel has been dominating the fishing scene with a consistently strong run of spotted, school and Spanish varieties filling our eskies. Spaniards of 7-10kg seem to be the norm, but there have been reports and pictures of much larger fish. I prefer to keep a Spanish around the 10kg mark.
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Ever-reliable jacks are still blazing
Danny Sands | April 2017

April is a great month to target mangrove jack with topwater lures.

April is a great month to fish on the Gold Coast for both outside and estuary systems. With the water temperature dropping a fraction this month and the late summer rains, April will be on fire. Most of the summer species start to migrate and feed hard before winter comes along. Target species for the estuaries this month will be mangrove jack, whiting, trevally and prawns.
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A change in season brings great fishing!
Peter Wells | April 2017

The changing seasons also mean a change in the fishing as we move into April and the cooler weather starts. The water temperatures also start to drop, so the species we target are different.
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An Easter fishing fiesta
Gordon Macdonald | April 2017

April is a great month for longtail tuna such as this one taken on an Ocea stickbait recently from wide of Mud Island.

As the weather begins to cool over the coming month, we will start to see in a gradual increase in the prominence and distribution of many species. Many of the usual summer fare will still be around but won’t be as easy to locate as when the water temperatures were higher.
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Get your cod on
Ed Falconer | March 2017

Large cod have been very active.

Our great run of weather continues with hot days and calm seas.
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Jordan Bennie with a good summer bream.

The northern bay has kept anglers on their toes over the last month, giving them glimpses of brilliance and then nothing but peanuts as anglers head home empty handed. Northerly winds and warmer currents from up north have been the story of the summer with baitfish numbers being scarce for this time of the year.
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