Here we go again
Peter Le Blang | December 2016

With the warmer weather here, things are looking up. Finally, this clean, warm water is starting to liven up the fish along Broken Bay in Pittwater. Most mornings, surface activity can be found along Pittwater or out in Broken Bay.
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Shore-based options to land the fish
Craig Mcgill | December 2016

The season has kicked off well despite big swells and dodgy currents. The salmon run has been huge, with fish massing around North Head and sometimes up the main harbour around Bradleys Head. The upstream fish seem less focused on spawning and have found larger baitfish than those at North Head. As a result, they’re easier to catch on a range of lures and flies. There’s more fish at North Head, but they’re much harder to catch and focused on small bait.
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The possies that proved in 2016
Gabe Quercigrosse | December 2016

The results of a squidding session in the Port Hacking.

The festive season is just around the corner and it didn’t arrive quickly. Before we know it, the new year will start. Now’s a good time to reflect on the past – look at the advantages, disadvantages and if possible, improve on our overall performance.
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Festive family fishing time
Dan Selby | December 2016

Firstly, have a very safe and happy festive season filled with plenty of quality family and, of course, fishing time! Here’s what should be on offer from the ocean heads to the head waters.
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As the summer transition moves in and the weather warms up, good fish are being caught in our estuaries and offshore.
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Merry mulloway madness
Alex Bellissimo | December 2016

I love and hate December – Christmas is a fiasco and then you have New Year’s Eve. It’s a fantastic month for fishing, but can you find the time? There’s an old saying – quality over quantity. Put in the homework and choose the area – ocean rock, ocean beach or estuary? Estuary just means calmer or enclosed salt or brackish waters, like rivers, bay lakes, or harbour fishing. Specify a type.
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A bunch of reasons to fish off the rocks
Alex Bellissimo | November 2016

Anything can happen in November. There are end of season trevally, which can often be whoppers, and the big pigs can be on as well. A run of sizable to big kings are on the cards, and off the beaches it’s not uncommon to get a large mulloway in November. There are stud whiting, stud bream and quality flathead, not to mention the salmon!
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Double check before you take off for a fish
Gary Brown | November 2016

As the weather warms up, many anglers will think about going for a fish. Some anglers will grab their rod and reel outfits, put them into vehicles and grab a bit of bait. They take off to go fishing, and realise once that they’re there, the reel doesn’t work properly or the rod is missing a guide or maybe the line is has started to perish.
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Starting to fire
Peter Le Blang | November 2016

Last month the fishing was sporadic again along Pittwater and Broken Bay. With the colder water behind us, it’s time to grab the rods and a handful of lures and hit the water.
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