Carl Dubois with a 38cm fork-length bream caught while working a lightly weighted soft plastic over the shallows.

Do you need to get out for a fish very early in the morning or late into the afternoon to catch more fish? Or do you need to go fishing at night to catch more fish? I say no!
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Autumn madness in Pittwater
Peter Le Blang | April 2017

Bryce with a lovely 92cm Pittwater king that couldn’t resist a live squid.

What a difference a few weeks can make in the world of fishing! Along Pittwater, fishing has certainly improved as well as out on Broken Bay and along the coast. Kingfish are finally showing themselves, and on most occasions they have been hungry. The usual scenario applies, and that is to get out and find some surface action at first light and then catch some squid, yellowtail or slimies to downrig for a decent kingfish on Pittwater.
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Accelerate when you see amber
Craig Mcgill | April 2017

An amberjack from Middle Harbour.

This season has been on fire for mulloway. In fact, it’s been the best I’ve seen in 10 years. They are being taken throughout Middle Harbour and the mid reaches of the harbour. The mulloway are following the early mullet and tailor run, so obviously, mullet and tailor are a good choice of bait. Big live squid and strips of squid are also great baits.
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Patience pays off when catching a feed
Gabe Quercigrosse | April 2017

A tasty mixed bag from Towra.

The fishing is still going strong for Botany Bay and its tributaries. The water has cooled down a shade, and trevally numbers have increased in catches. While the blurter trevally may not be regarded as a top table fish, it is first class tucker when smoked, and makes excellent sashimi when fresh.
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Time to lure up some mulloway
Dan Selby | April 2017

A 5” Samaki Boom bait was the undoing of this healthy looking fish. Big paddle tails like this are very effective on mulloway.

Some good rainfall over the last month or so, coupled with cooler air temperatures, has sent things into a flurry on the mighty Hawkesbury and its tributaries.
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Marlin reports on the increase
Darren Thomas | April 2017

Zane Levett was stoked to land this Sydney black marlin.

The warm water temps are still with us, and some terrific reports have been coming in this month from both offshore and inshore. Some good fish are also being caught from the stones, and the estuaries have been holding their own as well.
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March is still a hot month for fishing
Gary Brown | March 2017

Lachie Dubois showing his father Carl how it’s done.

The weather may have started to cool down a bit from those scorching hot days in the latter part of January and in the early weeks of February, but the fishing will still be hot in Southern Sydney.
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A strange summer season is over
Peter Le Blang | March 2017

This 92cm king attacked us in the Supermarket area.

Over the last month, fishing along our part of the coast has been somewhat sporadic. Still, for those that have been willing to drag themselves away from home and spend a day on the water there have been a few fish to catch. It hasn’t been a normal summer this year. Funnily enough, I think we are going to have a great time catching fish during autumn.
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Check out this stocker of a hairtail eel – you could play jump rope with that thing.

One of the outstanding features of this season is the massive horde of baitfish in the harbour. On some days, at some of the well-known fishing spots in the Middle and North harbours, sounder ‘blackouts’ have been common. A blackout is when your entire sounder screen is filled with baitfish – that is, the entire water column, from top to bottom. To give you an idea of the magnitude of some of these schools, we have seen blackouts in 60ft of water over the area of a quarter acre.
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