A great place for families
Darren Redman | December 2016

There’s a lot on offer for families who visit the Bermagui area, especially water sports like swimming, surfing, kayaking and especially fishing! Some of these young anglers have the opportunity to go to sea for either game or reef fishing. For most, their options are shore-based but plentiful.
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Santa’s going fishing
Anthony Stokman | December 2016

It’s that time of the year already where Santa gets to have a fish. School holidays are on soon. Where has this year gone? Looking back at the year of fishing, it started with an amazing run of marlin biting their heads off. It was the second season in a row where marlin showed up in big numbers. We’re hoping for the trend to continue this summer. If we can keep overseas super trawlers out of our waters then it can be a trend for many years to come.
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Race season or fishing season
Darren Redman | November 2016

The spring racing carnival in Victoria hosting the Melbourne Cup is not to everyone’s liking, so what do anglers do when they don’t want to go to the races? Well, they go to Bermagui for the start of the game fishing season. With holidays on offer Victorians have ventured to Bermagui Melbourne Cup weekend for many decades now, so what can they expect to catch?
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From bass to marlin, summer is coming
Anthony Stokman | November 2016

The summer weather is here, that’s for sure. It hasn’t really disappeared. We had one of the mildest winters – while snow and rain dumped everywhere else, we were sunbaking. Another thing that didn’t disappear was the odd marlin. The water seemed warm enough and there was plenty of bait to keep them here.
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Bring on the hot fishing
Stuart Hindson | October 2016

Spring is well and truly here with some warm days making it an ideal time to wet a line. The estuaries in particular will be hotting up as each week passes. Water temperatures will start to increase, and in turn, Summer techniques will come in.
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Flathead on the move
Darren Redman | October 2016

The estuaries are heating up nicely and starting to produce some very good fish. In the upper reaches of the Bermagui River, fantastic dusky flathead are being taken on lures. Some of these fish have been in excess of 70cm, providing good sport.
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Lucky dip of species
Anthony Stokman | October 2016

One standout species through the cooler months and spring has been the estuary perch.

The bluefin bite has now tapered off, but we can look forward to a consistent yellowfin bite in the coming weeks. School yellowfin traditionally come on in October to November, and signs indicate it will be a good season. These fish range between 8-25kg, and are taking small to medium size skirts and divers.
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Bluefin gone – yes, no, maybe?
Anthony Stokman | September 2016

Topcat Charters has been getting in amongst the bluefin madness.

You never know with tuna season. Just when you think it might be over and they’re too far to reach, conditions are slowly changing day to day. All of a sudden those gradual changes can end up completely. It was a disappointing August with bluefin so far out, then packing bags and heading south. We saw water starting to push back in, and with it came albacore and some good yellowfin tuna, and even the return of bluefin. Yellowfin off Batemans Bay and Tuross were on fire.
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Gaining the advantage
Darren Redman | September 2016

One of several bream taken over sand flats in Wallaga Lake. These fish were located by standing on the bow of the boat taking advantage of the height offered.

When fishing, all anglers want that advantage whether it be finding a new secret lure or fly, a particular way to rig or put a bait on, or some special place that no one knows you visit, but where you always seem to come back with fish.
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