Summer species are heating up
Brent Kirk | December 2016

Summer is here again and with longer, warmer days. It gets easier to find time and motivation to get out and wet a line. The Christmas period will bring droves of fishers to the mid north coast of New South Wales chasing everything from bass to marlin. With the changing seasons, possibilities are almost endless when it comes to fishing methods and the species available in the Macleay Valley region.
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Look forward to holiday Hunter Coast fishing
Paul Lennon | December 2016

Early December is a great time to be a local angler in Port Stephens. The town is still relatively quiet with plenty of great fishing to be had. Make the most of this period – by the end of December, the population will have doubled. Thousands of visitors will hit Port Stephens for summer holidays.
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Tailor time at Christmas
Ian Pereira | December 2016

The past month has been a steady time for angling in the Harrington area. There have been nasty southerly winds and a bit of rain that’s made fishing very uncomfortable for the land-based fishers, as well as boat anglers. Very little rain has fallen in the freshwater part of the Manning and the river is just running nicely with clear water.
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Festive fishing season
Mark Saxon | December 2016

The Earth’s rotation just keeps on getting faster and we’re at that time of year once more – Christmas is on our doorstep. As always, we’ll want to mix in a fair bit of angling while enjoying family time and the festivities of the season. Here are some of our holiday options.
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Early morning treats
David Seaman | December 2016

Flathead are the king of summer flats fishing and are fabulous eating. For the author, fish of 40-55cm make the best table fare.

This time every year I look back and think, “Where has the year gone?” We are back into the summertime crowds and the waterway can get congested with all manner of watercraft. Jetskis buzzing around like blowflies at a BBQ, paddleboarders struggling to stay upright amidst the wash and a flotilla of anglers drifting through the channels and tormenting the fish – such is life on the best part of the NSW Coast.
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Plenty to share around
Stephen Worley | December 2016

We’ve come full circle once again – it’s the last month of the year. Snapper have been in relentless form over the last couple of months with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The larger fish have been the most common on the deeper reefs, especially those close by the islands.
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Man versus fish
Glen Booth | November 2016

Ernest Hemingway’s book The Old Man and the Sea is held in high regard by gamefishers the world over. It tells the tale of an old fisher who was having a run of piscatorial outs, but hooks a massive marlin that proves to be almost as big as his fishing skiff. Unfortunately, there’s no happy ending as sharks ultimately tear it to bits boat side, but the concept of going one on one with a marlin strikes a chord with all who fish the bluewater.
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Time for a transition
Brent Kirk | November 2016

Another beautiful Macleay River bass.

South West Rocks and the mid north coast can be a funny place in November. At this time of year, the waters around the mid north coast start the transition from summer to winter species. It’s possible to have an awesome session on numerous summer and winter species, although it’s also possible to do it tough. There can be so many options, but nothing is firing quite yet.
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A great time to be in Port Stephens
Paul Lennon | November 2016

November is a great time of year to be an angler in Port Stephens. There’s warm weather and loads of good fish to be caught in the estuary, on the beaches, or offshore. Inside the bay, dusky flathead are really starting to turn it on in the back half of the port, with the shallow flats around Tailors Beach, Lemon Tree, Karuah and North Arm Cove all producing numbers. Young champ Jack Hammond has been getting stuck into them over the past few weeks with fish up to 80cm. Soft plastics are accounting for the majority of these fish, with larger sizes from 4-5’’ in natural colours working best.
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