Prime Time at Port Stephens
Paul Lennon | April 2017

Quality snapper on dawn and dusk are there to be taken this month.

In my opinion April is the pinnacle month for fishing in Port Stephens as it’s prime time for so many different species regardless of whether you’re fishing the beach, estuary, rocks or offshore.
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We’re in much need of a good watering
Ian Pereira | April 2017

A stonker bream like this doesn’t come along every day. Photo courtesy of Bohnock Bait & Tackle.

We need rain – lots of it. The freshwater part of the Manning is very low. Some of the old timers are saying that it’s as bad as they can recall. Very little rain has fallen in the hills and the river is barely moving. Further north from the Manning catchment, things are just as bad.
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Offshore action for everyone
Mark Saxon | April 2017

Damien Rafter, Helen Stone and Deacon Stone with some great mackerel from a recent trip with the Rush Hour Fishing Charter.

If you haven’t been offshore this season, you have been missing out on a great run of black marlin, which have turned up in numbers once again. They have been well within reach of the smaller offshore vessels, and even the kayakers are getting in on the action!
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Easter treats
Dave Seaman | April 2017

This is the quality of the bream you can look forward to from the rocks in autumn and winter.

The seasonal change is upon us, with the darker mornings and cooler nights that will lead up to the cold weather. While some people find the cold crippling, I see it another way – it’s a good time for all things that love the wintery water conditions. We get to see the positioning and aggregation of migrating fish from the estuary come to its peak.
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Awesome sessions on bass
Brent Kirk | March 2017

Sam Redman with a solid trevally taken from the upper tidal limit.

The early season pelagic run was a lot quieter this year than it has been in the last few seasons, although there is still plenty of time and good water to hit our shores, so don’t put away the gear just yet. The juvenile black marlin that we usually encounter on our close grounds in large numbers have only been a smattering of fish so far this season. The word from up north is much of the same.
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The most exciting month offshore!
Paul Lennon | March 2017

A Port Stephens inshore black marlin makes a last ditch effort to escape!

It’s that time of year again when the fishing becomes that red-hot in Port Stephens that the biggest problem we have is deciding just what species to target! The options are vast, offering everything from big mulloway inside the estuary to longtail tuna off the stones to inshore black marlin.
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Alex with his biggest flatty, a whopping 80cm.

The Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club’s thirty-third annual Golden Lure will go down as one of the most successful tournaments to date. More than two hundred anglers and 47 game boats all made Port Macquarie their home for a week. The marina was packed with boats from up and down the coast. The fishing was good with 128 marlin, one sailfish, 31 mahimahi, one yellowfin and 28 sharks, all tagged and released. Well done to all on a tremendous comp.
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Warm offshore waters produce goods
David Seaman | March 2017

Big mahimahi are around and the first place to look is the FAD.

March is a month where anything could happen. The offshore fishery is still under a blanket of warm water and the odd spotted and Spanish mackerel turn up along with the small black and striped marlin. The weather settles a bit too, with plenty of opportunity to get out onto the shelf and surrounding reefs. Mixed bags of trag, nannygai, snapper and flathead are supported by morwong and pigfish from the reefs.
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The march out of summer
Stephen Worley | March 2017

Jason O’Brien showing off the other contender in the ‘brightest colour scheme on the water competition.’ The orange shirt and beard combo still wins though.

This month signifies the start of a slow march out of summer. This march is so slow that March tends not to involve any slow fishing at all. Even though it’s technically autumn, the fishing is still as hot as it gets.
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